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About resnijars

We are a queer furry duo making Nice Spice, a lewd-ish rpg action platformer horror game with random-gen levels set in an otherworldly cave.

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Unlike our previous two games together this one will be more action platformingy, more horror, and more lewd and kinky. There will be gay NSFW parts while being a whole big adventure and story, you'll able to enable/disable it and it'll still be a big full game without it!

We are two queer gamedevs and multimedia artists (who are also married irl :3) working on video games together.

Resni (mostly-cis male gay furry trash canine)
artistic roles include: pixel artist, musician (loves playing irl guitar & bass guitar), thinker of kinky thoughts

j a r s: (nonbinary queer furry bear/wolf thing)
artistic roles including: 3D maker of physical and digital objects, video and performance oddities, writing (mostly) silly stuff

Our games are dreamy and bizarre, queer like us, artsy, furry, kinky, silly, moody.

Our past games we've released as resnijars are Salad Fields (steam, itch) and Sparkles & Gems (steam, itch). We also have a simple website.


Exclusive to patrons we'll be making monthly updates where we post devlogs of what progress we've made on our current game project(s). We'll give sneak peeks into art, gameplay, locations, characters, etc. And talk about our thoughts and processes and hopes and dreams!
But also
                .....we're offering something we're calling *treasure chests*, which is an eclectic assortment of goodies we've made over the past month or whenever wrapped up in a .zip! Unlike our devlog content this isn't just about our upcoming games. We want to give an honest unfiltered look into our creative process so expect roughness, unfinishedness, unpolishedness, but we'll curate what we think is interesting and worthwhile that otherwise might not see the light of day. You may find really cool stuff. You may find really stupid stuff.

Examples of treasure chest content might be...
- songs & musical experiments
- weird rendered posters
- 3D model files (that you can use yourself)
- weird films
- secrets
- various other art and sound things... who knows!

Note about NSFW: Our creative work isn't primarily pornographic but being our full openly-sexual queer selves our work is for an 18+ audience and there may be the occasional furry trash drawings or text, and our game Nice Spice will have lewd gay furry scenes!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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