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About Re-Solved Mysteries

Oh yay! You're here!!

If you're on our Patreon page, chances are that you've given the podcast a listen or two and are thinking about maybe becoming a patron to our fiery little pod. That is awesome! If you're ready to donate please do, we think we have some fun reward levels that you'll be into. If you're still on the fence, let us tell you why you should part with a bit of your hard earned monies and help support our podcast.

Here's a little something about who we are and how we came to be:
In December of 2017 Alison was drinking too much day wine at a Christmas lunch hosted by a company she works for. She mentioned to a co-worker, we'll call him 'David', that she couldn't wait to get home from day wine times and switch to night wine times because she'd re-discovered Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime. She went on to tell 'David' that she had started really nerding out on UM and was researching and watching the segments in tandem. Just by simple Google searches she was finding out all of these cool updates about the stories. David said, "That's a podcast I would listen to. That's an awesome idea for a podcast." Of course Alison said, "No, who would care? Who would want to listen"? and he said, "I would." We honestly don't know if he listens, but that's beside the point, the idea was put into the universe. Alison did what she always does and didn't think she could do it and she was afraid to do it alone. It was just a ridiculous idea, right? She told people about this crazy thing 'David' had said but the even crazier thing was, everyone responded that they'd listen to a podcast that updated old segments of UM. She heard again and again, "The updates were my favorite part of Unsolved Mysteries!"

Four months later she walked into Eliza's house and said, "We're going to do that podcast. We're going to do it." Eliza being a true sweetie and lover of all things cozy, immediately agreed but asked if we could do it in a big bed in our pajamas. Alison said "Um, yeah, sure!" Sadly, Eliza is still waiting for her bedtime pajama recording sessions (there's always next season). Alison then told Karlin about it and Karlin, being Karlin, was 100% skeptical because that's her thing, LBH. However, due to Alison's drunken enthusiasm and the fact that she had already dropped the money for the podcasting equipment, Karlin relented and agreed to join. Actually, Karlin realized that there were still important stories to be told about the segments, Alison's shenanigans probably didn't have much to do with it.

Just like that, we were The Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast!

Like most podcasters we do ALL of the work by ourselves. Also, like most podcasters, we have full time jobs, children, dogs, partners, friends and most importantly, a limited amount of funds to spend. We work our butts off on the research, we spend anywhere between 12-18 hours per person, per episode. We pay for loads of websites to research people, records, articles and events outside of Wikipedia and reddit, We will use any resource at our disposal to go the extra mile and to find the extra bit of information and that sometimes makes all of the difference in the updates we provide. Alison also edits the show solo and is the webmaster to We ALSO handle the advertising, the merch, the social media...literally everything.

If you listen to RM, it's pretty clear that our drive is to provide our listeners with the most recent and thorough updates. Of course we drink our dranks, drop F bombs, laugh, get silly and dream of smashing the patriarchy but at the end of the day we strive to give you the best possible podcast we can create. We absolutely love working on this podcast. The work is hard, but the overwhelming love, support and enthusiasm that our listeners give us make every single minute worth it. With you, our RM family; we laugh, we cry, we drink canned wine and we want JUSTICE.

So please donate to us and together we will be able to help re-solve some mysteries!

69% complete
We will stay the night on the Queen Mary and record a Patreon Only Short Stack. Alison is really excited to spend the night rolling her eyes and we know that a lot of you are excited to scare the *ish out of her so let's get her on board the QM and see what she believes after a night of ghosties!
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