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About Resonant Arc

Storytelling is at the center of the human experience. Think about how much time you spend binge-watching tv. How much time do you spend reading articles or posts from friends on social media? How many news reports to you watch? How about youtube videos? What do you do when you meet up with friends for lunch or with family or roommates over dinner? What do sports networks do to market big games or sell title fights? When you aren’t specifically engaged with a mentally rigorous task, what do you do? Where does your mind go? What happens unconsciously when you go to sleep at night? We are constantly engaged with stories, whether we’re listening to them, telling them to others, or even telling them to ourselves.

Our ancestors have been telling stories for thousands of years. All of human culture has had this high level of saturation with storytelling in common. It isn’t just about entertainment either; we tell stories for many, many reasons. They serve as a kind of simulator to help us imagine and rehearse problems we might encounter. They give us opportunities to share important moral lessons or survival techniques. They help us educate one another, practice empathy, win friendship, attract mates, exercise our creativity, work through problems, tie ideas together, and the list goes on and on. Storytelling is the method by which we have imposed structure and meaning on the world around us.

Developing the skills of a good storyteller isn’t just important for those who have ambitions to become writers, filmmakers, or game developers either. It’s important for building relationships, for communicating effectively with coworkers, employers, and clients, and for working through our own personal problems. It’s a skill we all need if we want to be successful in whatever path we choose in life, and the art of storytelling is what we analyze on this channel. We do this both to help increase our storytelling skills as well as to find an even deeper appreciation for the stories we’ve loved and grown up with, and we do this by finding how specific storytelling techniques are used to such great effect in our favorite games, movies, tv shows, literature, and even music.

If becoming a better storyteller sounds exciting to you then we’d like to personally invite you to support us on Patreon and join us every Monday for a new video analysis and Wednesday for our podcast. You can also join us on Twitch where we do live discussions, a book club, and of course stream gameplay. By doing so you’ll not only learn the techniques of great storytelling, but will gain an even deeper appreciation for some of your favorite stories as we demonstrate how these techniques were used to captivate and inspire the audience. We encourage you to participate in our comments and chat sections, or just watch if you’d rather do that, but either way we hope to help you develop into better storytellers and find deeper meaning in your games, movies, and literature as well.

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