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About Resonant Arc

Storytelling is at the center of the human experience. We are constantly engaged with stories, whether we’re listening to them, telling them to others, or even telling them to ourselves. It isn’t just about entertainment either--we tell stories for many, many reasons. They help us educate one another, practice empathy, win friendship, exercise our creativity, work through problems, tie ideas together, and the list goes on. Storytelling is the method by which we have imposed structure and meaning on the world around us.

Developing the skills of a good storyteller isn’t just important for those who have ambitions to become writers, filmmakers, or game developers. It’s important for building relationships, communicating effectively, and working through personal problems. It’s a skill we all need, and the art of storytelling (particularly in gaming) is what we analyze on this channel. We do this to help increase our storytelling skills as well as to find an even deeper appreciation for the stories we’ve loved and grown up with.

If becoming a better storyteller sounds exciting to you then we’d like to personally invite you to support us on Patreon and join us for our video analyses and podcasts. By doing so you’ll not only learn the techniques of great storytelling but will gain an even deeper appreciation for some of your favorite stories. We encourage you to participate in our comments and chat sections, or just watch if you’d rather do that, but either way we hope to help you develop into better storytellers and find deeper meaning in your games, movies, and literature as well.
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