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About Resurrection Films

We are a small indie media company...whats that mean? We make a lot of different things, art, movies, comics, books, plays, board games, card games, video games...if its entertainment we probably make it...except porn..we don't do porn..

Resurrection Films is a collaboration of filmmakers that care more about story telling than budget, we strive to make the highest quality productions, no matter the budget.

We want you to come along on the ride with us and see what we make next! 

Building a community is important to us because YOU are the ones we are making all of this for! We aren't doing this so we can sit in a dark room and laugh at our own existence! We want YOU to sit around in a dark room and laugh at our existence!

So come along join the crazy ride and experience all the cool stuff we are making exclusively here on Patreon!

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When we reach $100, we will start a special "Murder Mystery" podcast with Carly Street and Jason Morris, patreon's will be able to come on as guests and discuss with us!
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