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About Emiliano Heyns

I am, probably much like you, a LaTeX holdout against the tide of Word-centered academic publishing. But with academic publishing comes (if you're sane) reference management. All reference managers I tried, paid or free, had something I didn't like when it comes to Bib(La)TeX management -- what's a software engineer to do? I know -- create a few quicky patches against an existing open source reference manager... years later, Better BibTeX for Zotero (or BBT as it's often called) has become somewhat of a part-time job alongside my formal day job, my family, and a PhD in progress. BBT is in use by thousands of users across the globe -- holdouts like me, holdouts like you. The cost to this to you? Absolutely nothing.

Yet, upgrades need to be bought from time to time to keep doing this at least somewhat comfortably. Rather than doing a collection drive, which I've done once, it's probably better all around to just save up slowly to replace my dev system every few years. Anything contributed here goes (only) towards those occasional upgrades, but it will make sure that the money I earn with the day job goes to the family, not to this out-of-control hobby of mine. I want to stress that your contribution is not meant to replace my regular income, so please don't think you must contribute anything that would hurt you financially -- just a dollar or two will accumulate over time to make sure that when I need to replace my dev system, I don't have to dip into my savings.

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