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About Scottie Westfall

My name is Scottie Westfall, and for the past decade I have been blogging at a blog that is currently called "Natural History by Scottie Westfall" ( 

I have received Patreon support, and I have decided to revamp my Patreon page for all supporters. I have had a hard time between work and school to manage all the things I have chosen to work on, and now I have more time to devote to my work here.

I am devoting more time to the blog.  If you wish to contribute $5.00 or more per month, you have earned a "Cash for Questions" reward. This reward will allow you to send me a question with a topic related to the blog, which I will answer in a monthly Youtube livestream. I need to have at least 20 people who are pledging the $5.00 before I will start doing the livestream.

I write a lot about evolution, natural history, dogs (both domestic and wild), carnivorans, ecology, wildlife management. wildlife history, and history of domestic animals. If you are interested in these topics or appreciate a sort of secular spiritual reverie in my naturalist musings, please check out my site.  If you like it, please consider contributing. It will be greatly appreciated. 

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When I reach 100 patrons, I start posting a Youtube video a week that discusses something related to the blog.
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