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The grammaticus urged students on to ever increasing heights. As you do.

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Once the elementary instructors of years past, now a supporter of more modern instruction.

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The rhetor believes that we should be well rounded and master many skills. Help me to pass those skills on.

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About Retro64XYZ

Hello and thank you for considering sponsoring my dream of bringing high quality cyber security related educational material to the world. Please take a moment to watch some of my videos, read my training material, and find out if you want to support me on my journey.

At the most basic level, your subscription means that you are helping me to write, develop, and present information to the public that I believe is important and contributes to the betterment of all. It is my desire to provide timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence and cyber security related products to the public. That means I spend the majority of my free time writing, researching, and preparing each month for the presentations and public speaking that I do. Your contributions go directly to supporting me and the work I do as Retro64XYZ.

Thank you for your support and your belief in my dream. Every one of us has the power to improve the lives of others and your support affords me the opportunity to do the same for others. Thank you for subscribing to me.
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