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About Retro Death Row

My name is Steve and I've been streaming for the last 3 years under the name Retro Death Row. I started out on Facebook Gaming but made the move to Twitch back in late October of 2020 and I've never been happier. Currently, you can find me at, Monday through Friday starting at 10:00 am CST. My streams are spontaneous, ridiculous, and lean a lot more heavily on humor and fun than on actually being a skilled gamer.

Even prior to my time in streaming, I've always loved video editing. My wife always laughs at me, saying it's like there's constantly a cartoon rolling in my head, and that's what I see when I look at the world around me. She's right...and I think that's why I enjoy video editing so much.

I enjoy helping fellow creators grow and develop their content into something new and unique. If my edits are helpful to other streamers and excite them and their audiences about their own content, then my job is done. If you need help with an edit, or would like something done with your video, even if you don't really know what to ask for, reach out to me at . I'd love to help!

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