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This includes all pre-recorded episodes we will produce and will be available right here on Patreon before anywhere else.

Your contribution will go towards a sugary drink to help during those late-night edits.  Thank you!
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About Retro Gaming Dads

Three dads, one great retro gaming podcast.

Join three ageing dads; Barry, Phil and Anthony as we bring you a byte-sized recap of everything that’s happening in the retro gaming community.

With over three decades and eight generations of gaming experience, we talk about what originally got us into gaming, our thoughts on where the industry is heading and argue politely talk about retro and retro-inspired games and tech.

While this podcast is a labour of love (and believe me, putting up with each other is certainly labour!) we'd be eternally grateful for any support.  This could be as little as the cost of an energy drink to help keep us going through the night as we edit the latest episode, we truly are grateful for every penny.

Currently, the financial cost of the podcast is modest.  We are currently using a mixture of old headsets, microphones and an iPad to edit and distribute the podcast.  Unfortunately, this is reflected in the production quality of the podcast.  Over time we are looking to:

  1. Purchase a matching microphone and relevant cable/audio interface for each presenter.  We're not looking for anything too flashy and currently are looking at a Behringer XM8500, XLR to USB cable and desk stand each. 
    This will come to a total cost of £135 (£45/each)
  2. Subscription to Zencastr to record the podcast remotely.  Thankfully the great people at Zencastr are allowing for more than two guests per recording with no time limits on recording time.  However, this is only temporary and we will need to start paying for the professional tier eventually.
    This will come to a total cost of £20/month
This will help to standardise the audio quality of all three presenters and mean that we can continue to produce the podcast with all three of us present in a single podcast - as well as the possibility of having guests in the future.

As well as this financial investment there is also a considerable time investment.  A typical 1 hour of recording can take as much as 5 hours to edit.  This is time away from family and our children.  While your financial support cannot give us back that time, it could help to pay for the occasional outsourcing of the podcast's editing - or eventually to replace the iPad used for editing with a small desktop computer.

Thank you for your support, whether it is by supporting us on Patreon, visiting our website or listening to our podcast.  We really do appreciate it.
$2.85 of $14.46 per month
£10.50 will cover the hosting costs for the Retro Ages and Retro Gaming Dads website. Not having to worry about this small cost each month will help us to relax a little, and maybe afford that extra cup of coffee!

The breakdown of the cost is:
  • £10.50 Hosting Costs

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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