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About Retro Pals

Hi folks! We are Retro Pals (Danny and Alex), and we're all about sharing knowledge, cracking jokes, and making the retrogaming community a friendlier place.

We specialize in video game ephemera and classic entertainment media, giving us a unique perspective on gaming's golden years. Our content is community-driven, and we look forward to discussing the games industry's fascinating past with you!

Retro Pals is the world's only married retrogaming stream team!* We host informative streams of classic video games using original console hardware, and our patrons pick what we play. We feature obscure and under-the-radar stuff that's rarely seen in a livestream setting...and our janky hardware fights us every step of the way, making our shows a fun mix of historical trivia, skilled play, and never-before-seen glitches.

We also produce a documentary video series, PlayStation Year One, which highlights the development and historical impact of games from the 32-bit era. Check out our Mortal Kombat 3 episode for a sample of what our coverage entails. All of our backers here on Patreon receive early access to our scripted videos, including new episodes of PlayStation Year One.

(* unverifiable, probably true)

Join the Retro Pals Kids Club today! Pitch in $5 a month and you'll get to vote for what you want to see during our Wednesday showcase streams. From developer catalog deep-dives to explorations of unconventional genres, we've dug up a ton of undiscovered gems and forgotten oddities over the years, and it's always a blast to see how people react to seeing this stuff for the first time.

You'll also get exclusive membership to a patron-only Discord channel for discussing our weekly polls and other fun stuff. Not a member? No problem! We run a free-to-join Discord server that's open to the public. Everyone's welcome, and we hope to see you there!

Retro Pals is part of the Game & Love network, an oldschool webring dedicated to queer content creators in the games industry. Support our friends at Bad Game Hall of Fame and our other affiliates for fresh perspectives on gaming history.

Thanks for your support, and see you around on the world wide web!

Twitch: RetroPals
YouTube: RetroPals
Discord: RetroPalsHQ
Twitter: @RetroPalsHQ, @db_cowan, @alexrescuecat

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Hardware upgrade Mk. II. At this level, we can afford a better microphone and audio mixer for our streams and voiceovers. We'll also pick up a new capture device.
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