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About Rob Remakes

Hi there.

My name's Rob and for nearly twenty years now I've been writing and writing about videogames for humans and I'm asking for your help to be able to dedicate more time to doing just that.

Why Patreon?

Over the past few years, I've been dealing with increasingly remission free bouts of trigeminal neuralgia which makes picking up regular work and commissions incredibly difficult. Your patreon-age helps keep me in food and sanity whilst I write words (and videogames). Obviously, this is tremendously appreciated so THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

What this campaign will support.

I'm writing about games, and other stuff, at Punching Robots. I've spent a few years writing about lots of very serious stuff in games and to be honest, it's been exhausting. 

So, for 2021 I've opted to take a bit of a lighter tone and to try and write about stuff I enjoy and hope you'll enjoy too. As well as that, making sure that the best and most useful stuff I've wrote about games (and being in games) is brought up to date and available in one place. Given there's over ten years worth of it, it's slow progress. Whilst I'm playing catch up, it's all still available split across two sites. (They're up and down so if they don't load, please try again in a bit -- long story). Some of it is a bit abrasive, mind.

Rob Who?

Before people kinda gave them up and started making their own things because they could make their own things, I ran a site dedicated to remakes. During my time there, we held competitions that saw hundreds of games made, bolstered a library of accessible games, shouted loudly about accessible games and tried to lift people up along the way. We didn't always succeed, we made some missteps, got some things wrong but it was fun trying. These days, the place is kinda mothballed outside the forum so I do most of my writing over on my personal blog, We Punch Robots. I also once ran an XBLIG site but we lost that somewhere. It was great whilst it lasted, mind.

I've been called "The Godzilla of grumbling" by Develop, "defiantly indie" by Edge Magazine, "an effusive individual" by The Guardian and " a massive jerk" by Eurogamer. I'm likely all these things but also, I hope, sort of OK really.

So yeah.

Hi. My name's Rob and if you like the words I write, like the things I do, I'd be grateful for you supporting my Patreon so I can do that a whole lot more.

Every dollar pledged makes this writing words thing a whole lot easier and less stressful and I'd be thankful for your support as would my three cats. It always comes back to cats.

82% complete

Hosting covered!

This covers the hosting and gives me a couple of quid left over in order to have a bit of leeway each month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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