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Hello, and welcome to Retrospring's Patreon campaign.

Starting with just two people from Central Europe, Retrospring has grown to a team with several contributors and maintainers as well as thousands of active members from all around the world.

After a short hiatus, Retrospring is back with constant improvements and new features, some of which are currently in development or already planned to be introduced at a later time, but again, we are running against something every growing community/website has to fight with: Funding.

Retrospring is committed to offering the best experience possible to its community, although is currently funded out of our own wallets; barely enough for just the server costs.

To ensure that people get the best experience we recently included AWS to the services behind Retrospring, so that images (currently used for avatars and headers, later for inline media in answers or questions) are served from a CDN. AWS S3 costs increases with the count of requests made to it, which also increases with the number of users using the site, that means expenses will be gradually raise.

We hope to launch mobile apps for Retrospring soon, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. These platforms require licenses to have software released, meaning one-time-fees for Google Play and the Windows Store, and an iOS developer license requiring $100 annually.

We choose this way of funding and have considered selling merchandise too, since we dislike advertisements on sites ourselves. Placing ads on Retrospring means taking up space and pushing content around, which would destroy the aesthetic of a website and thanks to modern web technologies and plugins, most users simply block these ads anyway. We've decided on Patreon instead to help us gain enough money for aforementioned costs.

Thank you in advance for reading through this and thanks to everyone who helps us keeping Retrospring up and running!
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Reaching this amount of pledges will help us getting a Google Play developer license to publish a Retrospring app to the store and maintain it, once it is ready.
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