Retro Warriors is creating a Retro Gaming Podcast

Talking Wizards

$1 /mo
For donating you'll receive exclusive access to our spinoff show Talking Wizards, as well as your name mentioned in a special monthly thank you segment on the show's main feed.

A Dollar an Episode

$4 /mo
In addition to rewards from the previous tier, you get each episode, uncut, the day we record it in a special RSS feed. 

Retro Warriors: After Hours

$10 /mo
In addition to the previous rewards, you'll also gain access to our monthly bonus show. Retro Warriors: After Hours includes all four of us (Justin, Saturn, Andrew, and Pablo) discussing games, han...

The Maybe Pile

$20 /mo
As we continue to explore and create new content, lots of ideas get scrapped and go unused. This is the Maybe Pile! All of the content that we create but don't use elsewhere will end up here. 



$100 /mo
Once a month we will invite you on the show (through the magic of Skype) as a producer to talk to you about whatever retro gaming topic you choose!