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About Us
Retro Warriors is a weekly retro gaming podcast hosted by Justin Baker and Chris Saturn. While other podcasts seem to focus on the historical aspect, we treat our show as more of a celebration of retro gaming. Anyone can read a Wikipedia article, we aim to give listeners something that’s both fun and informative to listen to. But mostly fun.

We've been podcasting together for around five years now, and Retro Warriors is now well over a year old. It's by far the most popular show we've ever done, and we'd like to continue that growth with your help. We've dabbled in just about everything with Retro Warriors: YouTube videos, Twitch streaming, even a full-blown magazine.

Why a Patreon Campaign?
We spend a lot of time working on endeavors for Retro Warriors, but life continues to get in the way. Babies, marriages, jobs, mortgages, bills, and all kinds of things mean we have limited time to work on what we love. Additionally, the show in its current form actually costs us money to do. As it stands we pay yearly costs to maintain our domain, monthly hosting costs for the show, and occasional equipment costs.

In short, it's becoming increasingly difficult to warrant (to both Justin's spouse and Saturn's employer) spending so much time on something that continues to leave us in the red. We absolutely love Retro Warriors and we will always find a way to continue to do it regardless of the circumstances, but with your help it can become something much, much bigger. We can do the show for free, and if we're extra lucky, reach our milestones.

Why Not Just Run Ads?
It's not that we're against ad revenue, but we don't think it's a fit for the kind of show we do. We don't want to become beholden to any corporate entities, and we enjoy being able to say whatever we please about any product or company we encounter. We want you to know that you're getting our full, honest opinions on the show. 

We do this because we're passionate about it. Any money we get for it should go towards supporting the show and making more content for you.

What's Next?
We love doing the show, we're ready to grow, and we want to take you along for the ride. As we begin this new chapter our weekly podcast will continue, ad-free, and we will begin integrating new features and content as we reach our milestones.

But, don't just take our word for it. Go check out our show and let us know how we can better serve you!
$500 - reached! per month
At this tier we'll be able to begin providing compensation to all the wonderful people who make our show possible! Time away from families, evenings spent editing, and countless miles driven to record take their toll in the long run. This will allow us the financial flexibility to cover driving costs and other minor expenses while maintaining enough additional funds to explore other types of content.
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