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$1 /creation
Every little bit helps!  
This gains you access to the Patreon only feed, where I will be releasing behind the scenes pictures and video clips as well as early updates on future projects.

$3 /creation
All the extras! This level will give you access to all additional content that will come with each video (drum transcriptions, audio production tutorials, additional drum tutorials...

$5 /creation
Drumless tracks - For each track that I put out, I will also send you the drumless version so that you can play along.
+All previous rewards

$10 /creation
Monthly Video Chat - Access to a live video Q&A each month with other supporters at this level - You will have the chance to ask me questions about anything - drums, compositio...

$40 /creation
Skype Lesson
An hour long, one on one Skype lesson that you get after each video that I release - We can talk about things that were either played/discussed in each vid...

$75 /creation
Wowzerz. Thanks!!
At this level I'll give you access to a special webpage that I will keep updated often with early versions of new songs that I am working on, unreleased mater...