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About Reu Seven

Howzit and thank you for coming here…

I am an Indie Game developer and I have been designing games for 3 years now.
I have been working on a few projects and ready to start bringing them past the PoP (Plan on Paper) stage.

The current games I am working on is...

The Untold Tales of the Angle Golem - An open world Single player First Person RPG where you the player help or hunt the main protagonist of the story.
This game will make you question your actions and you will have live with the consequences as saving your progress will be limited and you will not be able to go back and change your decisions...

The Fifth Collom - is a three-part series the first part, titled "Secret Agent" is an isometric adventure game where your choices will have a heavy impact on the ending of the first game and the starting of the second.
The second part of the series "Invasion" will be a top-down RTS game where you invade or defend the world, ending this game will lay the foundation of the last game...
The third and last part of the series is called "Aftermath" will be a hardcore survival game with the same play style as the first game but will test your will to survive to its very limits.

The Grim Islands - This will be a Card base MMORPG
You and other players will have to survive the strange and deadly island called Grim's Reach but what will you do for money and opportunity.
Create your own Deck that will reflects your character's abilities and personality.
Hire NPCs, own property and create caravans to explore the massive island.
Study the art of war and combat or live the life of a merchant but if you crave the unknown you can explore and uncover ancient runes of power.
The main features of the game will be the PVP like never before... shed the blood of your opponent or bankrupt his operations and send him to the streets, it's all up to you.
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Howzit all...

The current game is The Grim Islands.

I have been using free-to-use art and software for my prototype.
I need some help from artits and developers and they only exchange serives for coin...
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