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Aphra Behn

$1 /mo
You're officially a ReVamp patron and will receive one very thankful virtual hug! Also, you'll have access to our patron-only feed for blog posts and picture updates along the way.

Hrosvitha "Nun of Gandersheim

$3 /mo
You'll see our work before anyone else  -- with preview access to shows, exclusive photo content, plus all previous rewards!

Izumo no Okuni

$5 /mo
You get the say! When we've got a question about an upcoming project or production, you'll be one of the few that can answer through polls, plus all previous rewards.

Hallie Flanagan

$10 /mo
Join the conservation! You are invited to join ReVamp Collective members in a monthly online video hangout where topics can range anywhere from what ideas you have for our next piece of content to ...

Vera Manuel

$15 /mo
Are you an aspiring playwright? With this reward, you will receive feedback on your play as it develops throughout the year. Or you will be given prompts to begin developing your own new play....

Margo Jones

$25 /mo
Not only will you receive an exclusive ReVamp Collective magnet, but ReVamp will create just for you! With this reward, every other month, we will create a 2-min scene for you based on the topic of...

Vinnette Carroll

$50 /mo
Spotlight is yours! With this reward you will be given a Skype coaching session each month. Whether you want to be a director, actor or playwright - one of our ReVamp members will coach you for one...

Beatriz Noloesca

$75 /mo
SEASON PASS LEVEL - Ready, set, action! By being a Beatriz Noloesca donor, you will receive TWO complementary tickets to each show of our season. In addition, once a year, you will re...

Lorraine Hansberry

$100 /mo
SEASON PASS LEVEL - The play's the thing! By being a Lorraine Hansberry patron, you will receive FOUR complementary tickets to each show of our season. In addition, once a year, you w...