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As an A.I. Mentor since 1981, I am asking for Patreon support to create Reverse CSI storyboards needed in the courts of public opinion (cf. Jason Goodman show) to integrate my AI Vector CSI template, Deductive Computing Machine and HESPER—the world’s first big-data time-shifting AI system—methodologies with simulation algorithms; for example, those developed by Dr. Stephen Kissler at Cambridge University to drive the mathematical models of the community-spread of a virtual coronavirus as displayed in BBC’s Contagion! documentary.

I have advised Sir David Cecil Clementi, Chairman the BBC Board, that in my most recent post, the title “Israel’s Dancing TRUMP” refers to a “Dancing Israelis” media story of 9/11 in New York where the BBC appears to have injected fake news through a TRUMP human-computer template of patented devices, allegedly developed under Serco’s post-WWII Double X program.

I believe that the BBC patented template allowed “fat-cat-tax evaders” among Serco shareholders, Sidley Austin alumni(ae) and Rhodes Scholars—allegedly recruited by N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd.—to place a viral (social) network of double agents in Israel Aircraft Industries, HM Revenue and Customs and the Lloyd’s Register’s Martec group to trigger the explosives which demolished the WTC Twin Towers in an alleged Double X cat-bond fraud.

N.B. Elmer Davis: Rhodes Scholar 1910 American newsman, director U.S. Office of War Information during WWII “The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people’s minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture [Say BBC XX] when they do not realize that they are being propagandized.”— Elmer Davis, as qtd. in Hollywood Goes to War

Israel’s Dancing TRUMP:

Cast in order of appearance (RS=Rhodes Scholar) and alleged XX operations

Sir John C. Masterman—Oxford U. XX mentor. Whistleblower after Rothschild Rhodes JFK hit
Elmer Davis—RS 1910: Mountbatten’s Pearl Harbor, Operations Mincemeat and Bodyguard
Yves Fortier—RS 1958: JFK, Air India 182, Piggy Palace raves, Imagis-Starnet Track & Hack
Stansfield Turner—RS 1947: CIA Director (1977–1981) Operation Eagle Claw
Bill Clinton—RS 1968/9: Arkansas viral blood for Con Air super spreaders, 9/11, Lolita Express
Susan Rice—RS 1988/90: Rwanda Genocide, U.S. Embassy & USS Cole bombs, Obamacare
R. James Woolsey—RS 1963: CIA Director (1993–95). Murrah Building Bomb, TOPOFF 9/11

Generic Timeline for XX events:

N.B, For fatal events to have an XX signature, look for a sequence of BBC fake-news injects, synchronized, autonomous teams at crime scenes, removal of evidence and bribery, blackmail or tax/torture extortion of witnesses and law-enforcement officers over a viral fat-cat-tax network.

Theory of crime for “Israel’s Dancing TRUMP” on 9/11

Serco agents set up a shareholders meeting on 47th Floor of WTC1 on 9/11 as an expendable ‘Double X’ command center and used the BBC TRUMP template to direct Lloyd’s Martec explosives experts through the Twin Towers demolition in an XX cat-bond fraud, kickbacks through FVEY fat-cat-tax shelters structured by HM Revenue and Customs, and dancing Israelis in Live Action Role Play (LARP) staged to trigger anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Decade After 9/11, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories 'Alive And Well' August 30, 2011 Certain conspiracy theories have increased in popularity over the past decade, according to ADL. The most prevalent anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that initially circulated following the attacks alleged that "4,000 Israelis" or Jews were forewarned and told to stay home from the World Trade Center on 9/11. While this theory has largely receded into the background, other major anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have come to the forefront … Variations of this theory assert that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, was behind the 9/11 attacks; the "proof" is in the "five dancing Israelis" arrested on 9/11 who were allegedly celebrating as the Twin Towers burned. Today, the theory claims that the five Israelis were actually directing the attacks and began dancing when they realized that their mission of creating a "false flag" operation had been accomplished.”

Serco Interim Report 2000 This year in the UK we have phased-in, on schedule, three particularly large contracts: the management and operation of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), the newly-built Ministry of Defence Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC), and our infrastructure maintenance contract for Railtrack. … With this and many other new business wins, we are broadening our competencies to encompass an increasing variety of advanced technologies. Important new IT activity includes the award of a significant contract to form a strategic partnership in the UK with the National Crime Squad: under this £65 million contract starting later this year, we will provide a wide-ranging information management and communication service.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT ChildBase System The National Crime Squad of England and Wales has launched the most powerful image recognition computer programme in the world, using ground-breaking technology which enables them to link images of abuse to individuals with unprecedented efficiency and speed. The launch, on 25th July 2003 at the House of Lords was attended by many of our community partners in the United Kingdom and included: National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) - who not only attended the launch, but gave a joint television broadcast with the National Crime Squad. Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) National Children's Homes (NCH) The Lucy Faithful Foundation The John Grieve Centre While none of these community partners had the resources or expertise to contribute financially or technically to the project, they have always been and continue to be supportive of the project. The system, known as ChildBase, is attracting much interest worldwide and is the result of three years research, innovation, dedication and commitment by a professional partnership comprising of the National Crime Squad (UK), SERCO plc (UK), and Imagis Technologies Inc. (Canada).”

Imagis Technologies Inc. [Allegedly established in Vancouver B.C. by BBC XX R2 handler Yves Fortier for Oliver “Buck” Revell —the former FBI Assistant Director who, on 21 December 1988, shortly before Pan Am Flight 103 took off from London's Heathrow airport at 18:25 hours, reportedly rushed out onto the tarmac and pulled his son and daughter-in-law off the plane, a situation would repeat itself five years later in New York City, and seven years later in Oklahoma] .. The Registrant was incorporated on March 23, 1998, as a British Columbia corporation under the name 561648 B.C. Ltd., and commenced trading on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (the "VSE") on September 29, 1998 as a Venture Capital Pool ("VCP")….. FRAUD-ID is an integrated information and video imaging system developed specifically for fraud detection and tracking within welfare agencies. .. The enrollment module is designed to collect the same information that would be recorded manually during a traditional enrollment situation, providing image capture of the enrollee's face and other physical features. In addition, this module provides automatic line-up creation. .. . ENVISAGE - Electronic Identification System ENVISAGE is an electronic identification system developed specifically for the security market. .. In addition, ENVISAGE integrates advanced photo identification capabilities, including signature, single impression fingerprint, ghosting, and access control. In most cases, ENVISAGE can be integrated with existing security systems. Products under Development POSITIVE-ID - Facial Recognition System The Registrant is currently developing POSITIVE-ID, a facial recognition software system designed for the law enforcement and security industries. .. POSITIVE-ID is currently in preliminary field testing in a division of the RCMP in British Columbia. Upon completion of the testing period in October, the Registrant will be gathering the feedback of the test users and making changes to the software as required. The Registrant expects to commence marketing POSITIVE-ID by December 31, 1999. … The Registrant currently markets its CABS, ID-INMATE and FRAUD-ID products to the law enforcement industry .. CABS has been installed in more than 25 sites in Canada and one site in the United States … Users Group has assisted in gaining acceptance of the product by the British of Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police and led to approval for a pilot project to link Greater Vancouver mainland police departments into a regional data-sharing system. .. ENVISAGE and its predecessor .. installed in over 60 sites in the U.S. and Canada, including a number of Revenue Canada offices. This system has been interfaced to student registration systems on various college and university campuses, as well as to point-of-sale systems in hospitals, transportation facilities, and other commercial locations. Plan of Operation and Business Strategy … The Registrant's objective is to be a leading provider of automated arrest and booking systems in Canada, the United States and globally.”

“Monday, 10 July, 2000, 00:10 GMT 01:10 UK Birt crime job offer criticized. Tony Blair asked Lord Birt personally to do the job Opposition leaders have questioned the government's commitment to tackling crime after appointing former BBC director general John Birt as a crime adviser. Prime Minister Tony Blair asked Lord Birt personally to work as an unpaid adviser on long-term solutions to crime. [Ergo Birt in position to use BBC cat bond patent to attribute USS Cole and 9/11 attacks by the RICO Three to a phantom ‘digital’ organization named al-Qaeda]”

Variety January 23 2020: Angelina Jolie to Produce BBC Show to Help Kids Spot Fake News By Brian Steinberg Angelina Jolie and the BBC want to give young viewers real tools to stop fake news, Jolie will executive produce “BBC My World,” a program that explains the stories behind news and offers facts and information that helps kids over the age of 13 make up their own minds on pressing international issues. The series will tap the reporting of the BBC World Service and is a co-production with Jolie and Microsoft Education. The BBC will retain final editorial approval of content in the series. “As a parent I am happy to be able to give my support to a program that aims to help children learn more about the lives of other young people around the world, and connect to them to each other,” says Jolie in a prepared statement. “I hope it will help children find the information and tools they need to make a difference on the issues that matter to them, drawing on the BBC World Service’s network of thousands of journalists and multiple language services around the world.” The weekly half-hour program will be broadcast via BBC World News, the organization’s most-watched channel. It will air each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. eastern, and its content will be shared with BBC’s 42 different language services. It will also be made available via a YouTube channel and the BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. .. In one episode, Chinyanganya examines video manipulation and gets “deepfaked” while in another, Iqbal travels to the Amazon rainforest to investigate whether it can survive an onslaught from logging, oil and mineral extraction and farming. Each broadcast will be accompanied by a learning segment, and lesson plans will be made available through Microsoft Education”

Compromised probe linked to alleged RCMP mole was ‘elite, huge intelligence file’ BY SAM COOPER AND STEWART BELL GLOBAL NEWSUpdated September 17, 2019 2:42 pm The investigation that uncovered an alleged mole in RCMP headquarters initially targeted a broad number of officers before settling on the head of the national intelligence co-ordination centre. .. The documents turned up during police searches of Vincent Ramos, the CEO of Phantom Secure, a company that sold encrypted phones to transnational crime groups. … According to sources, the compromised investigation of Phantom Secure was such an “elite, huge intelligence file” — with targets including terrorists and international drug-traffickers — that Canada’s Five Eyes allies, Australia in particular, could suffer severe damage from this ill-fated case alone. The arrest of Ortis in Ottawa last week came years after the RCMP started to work together with the FBI in 2015 on an undercover sting of the company’s employees and Ramos. A source said that because the Phantom Secure case was a top Five Eyes priority, investigation files were being sent to headquarters in Ottawa every few days. But it wasn’t until after the RCMP raided Ramos’ home in Richmond in early 2018 that an RCMP corruption probe was launched.”

Three Sidley Deals Named “Deal of the Year” by China Business Law Journal February 13, 2020 [Note that on the same date, DOJ unsealed RICO charge for IP theft against Huawei] China Business Law Journal recognized three Sidley deals as 2019 “Deals of the Year.” Sidley was credited for its role in the acquisition by China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation (China Re) of Chaucer from The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., CanSino Biologics Inc.’s Hong Kong listing, as well as New Frontier Corporation’s acquisition of United Family Healthcare. The prestigious awards honor the outstanding China-related transactions and cases in 2019, recognizing remarkable legal efforts. … Sidley advised CanSino Biologics Inc. as the Hong Kong and U.S. counsel in its approximately US$160.5 million global offering and listing of H-Shares on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. CanSino Biologics Inc. is a biotech leader in research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of vaccine products for human use in China. The Sidley team was led by partner Mengyu Lu and included members from the firm’s Hong Kong and Beijing offices.”

COVID-19: Fast-tracked vaccine receives approval in China to begin human trials at virus epicentre CanSino Biologics Inc. and China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences will begin clinical trials of the vaccine in Wuhan CanSino Biologics Inc. said it received Chinese regulatory approval to start human trials of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus, another example of a potential weapon against the illness being fast-tracked for testing as the global death toll escalates and nations impose lockdowns on their citizens. The vaccine, co-developed by the Hong Kong-listed company and China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, will undergo clinical trials in Wuhan, CanSino Biologics said in a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Wednesday. Wuhan is the epicenter for the pandemic that has spread to all corners of the planet, infecting more than 190,000 people and killing more than 7,800.”

Forbes Nov 10, 2013 The Unhealthy Truth About Obamacare's Contractors By Udayan Gupta On July 16 of this year, Sarah Kliff posted a prescient piece on the Washington Post's Wonkblog. The post, “Meet Serco, the private firm getting $1.2 billion to process your Obamacare application,” reported that 90 percent of Serco’s U.S. business is with the federal government … In this case, Serco won a contract that will pay it $114 million in 2013 and that eye-popping number of $1.2 billion over the next five years. … The implementation, as we now know, has been a disaster. .. Serco is a British company, but has been doing business in the U.S. for nearly a quarter century [Back to Pan Am 103]. Serco lobbyist Alan Hill emphasized .. the U.S. arm operates as a separate company with a strict firewall, given the sensitive nature of its operations, which include processing millions of visa applications for the State and Homeland Security departments [Allegedly brought in Al-Qaeda sleeper cells for Serco-Huawei 9/11]”

In the appendix to this post, is a summary of my reverse CSI chronologies intended to help BBC Studios to explore the role of XX handlers in the death of Gareth Williams and answer some questions on the Sidley Austin viral cat bond and Serco’s hack and tax frauds:

  • (a) Did ‘Double-Cross’ agents in the Obama administration with higher degrees from Oxford such as Susan Rice, outsource the processing of Obamacare (Affordable Care) applications to Serco in Arkansas to build a database of asymptomatic carriers to target victims with the Covid virus or vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics Inc. (est. 2009) and China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences’ Institute of Biotechnology?
  • (b) Is BBC using Serco shareholder Bill Gates—former client of Sidley’s Dick Wilder—as a cutout with a Guild Hotels On Sportsbook Template (GHOST) of patented devices allegedly stolen by Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, to re-educate vaccinated children?
  • (c) Did Sidley Austin use its alumni(ae) including Weather Underground boss Bernardine Dohrn and her Sidney protégée and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, to conspire with the late Pierre Trudeau, his son Justin and the former Nortel director Yves Fortier to transfer Nortel patented technologies to China’s Huawei for an MitM attack on 9/11?
  • (d) Did Dohrn, Obama and Ruble give a Huawei RICO enterprise access to Phantom Secure Blackberry networks and SKAB installations which appear to conceal a global network of 20,000 criminals engaged in murder for hire, money laundering, tax evasion, drug smuggling, snuff-film pornography and dead-pool betting?
  • (e) Did former IP lawyer Michelle Obama have the Raytheon Defense Red Switch Network IST-2 terminal on her husband’s Oval Office desk replaced with two phones in March or early April 2011 as a backdoor to the enemies of the United States, domestic or foreign?
  • (f) Did Sidley alumnus Barack Obama allow his Oval Office Avaya/Lucent 8520T system to be hacked by China’s Huaxin agents or his Cisco 7975G Unified IP Phone with expansion module 7916, hacked by China’s Huawei agents?
  • (g) Did Susan Rice or Bill Clinton use Obama’s override to the U.S. Defense Red Switch Network to inject fake news through BBC and Phantom SKAB installations so Huawei double agents could track Covid targets and shut down intelligence services to past and present FVEY leaders including Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump?
With 40 years of ground truthing experience in AI deductive-computing and vector analysis, I invite Patreon sponsorship for my AI vector-analysis template and Reverse CSI Storyboards to expose fatal events associated with “Israel’s Dancing TRUMP” and the BBC’s apparent use of a TRUMP human-computer template to conceal the injection of fake news and allow Serco XX agents to demolish the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 in an alleged viral fat-cat-tax fraud.

Yours sincerely,

David Hawkins [email protected]
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Reverse Chronology for Crime Scene Investigations: Updated May 25, 2020
Serco shareholders appear to have begun injecting fake news into the BBC’s X2R2 template with the launch of Teletext in the early 1970s, and now use a cut out ‘BBC Ministry of Truth’ to revise the histories of the likes of Guy Burgess, George Orwell (Eric Blair), Maurice Strong, Jimmy Savile, Jill Dando, Greg Dyke, Jane Standley, Hillary Clinton, and Greta Thunberg, and thereby control the outcomes of phony crime-scene investigations into the following events:

  • 1. May 25, 2020: BBC news injects sets up Serco Imperial shareholders ($100+ trillion of assets under management!) to trigger Sidley parametric viral fat-cat-bond frauds on Teacher pension funds (TIAA + USS) which, unwittingly, help Bill Gates to fund Jolie’s fake-news channels and frighten children and parents into accepting tracking by the state.
  • 2. April 21, 2020: BBC releases fake (?) news of human trials for UK coronavirus vaccine accompanied by a manipulative video “What's behind our strange lockdown dreams?”
  • 3. April 18, 2020: BBC injects news to ensure UK doesn’t end its lockdown with claims from WHO—allegedly funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—that UK antibody tests [by Serco’s Viapath!] do not guarantee immunity from reinfection by Covid-19.
  • 4. April 16, 2020: BBC article “Coronavirus: Facebook alters virus policy after damning misinformation report” By Joe Tidy Cyber-security reporter. Users who have read, watched or shared false coronavirus content will receive a pop-up alert. A study had indicated Facebook was frequently failing to clamp down on false posts, particularly when they were in languages other than English. The messages will direct people to a World Health Organisation webpage where myths are debunked.
  • 5. April 14, 2020: BBC takes news injects from Serco Resilience agents and Office for National Statistics which show virus mentioned on 3,475 death certificates in week ending 3 April. BBC concludes 1 in 5 deaths in England and Wales linked to COVID-19!
  • 6. April 12, 2020: BBC interviewed Bill Gates, Serco shareholder, who spins the need to vaccinate 7 billion people with ‘supercharged’ [supranational] global expertise.
  • 7. April 11, 2020: Serco Resilience agents, BBC’s Visual and Data Journalism Team and Johns Hopkins faculty provide real time data through GHOST templates so elite guests can bet on spot-fixed daily COVID body counts in target countries, regions and cities.
  • 8. April 9, 2020: After Bill Gates provided $5 million to develop COVID detection system where false positives could be simulated with GHOST AI, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington's School of Medicine in Seattle predicted 66,314 [spot fixed] people would die of Covid-19 in the UK by early August.
  • 9. April 8, 2020: Boris Johnson, probably infected by Prof. Neil Ferguson, remained for a fourth day in intensive care at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. Viapath operatives with Serco—a company charged with prisoner-tagging (Con Air tracking) frauds—are using diagnostic.ai technology to monitor the condition of the UK Prime Minister who may have been warned how vulnerable he would be to a spot-fixed ventilated death.
  • 10. April 1, 2020: Serco Resilience agents appear to be pushing UK Cabinet Office to expand citizen tracking with AI 5G GHOST, ostensibly to fight the spread of COVID-19.
  • 11. March 31, 2020: Serco Resilience agents order UK Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove to announce the target of carrying out 25,000 tests a day. With a global shortage of the chemicals needed to test patients, the government will [be forced to] work with companies worldwide to ensure it gets the material needed to increase tests of all kinds.
  • 12. March 28, 2020: Before visiting Navy hospital ship, Mr Trump was apparently told that New York, New Jersey [and] certain parts of Connecticut could be quarantined.
  • 13. March 18, 2020: Neil Ferguson, head of the modelling programme at Imperial’s MRC centre for global infectious disease analysis, had to self-isolate after developing coronavirus symptoms. Probably infectious when he attended a Downing Street press conference on March 17. Ferguson, … tweeted: “.. Lot of Covid-19 in Westminster.”
  • 14. March 16, 2020: Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team releases a paper which indicates they—and, by implication, their BBC clients—are only considering suppression and mitigation models, they are ignoring economic and ethical considerations and the “dogs that didn’t bark” at a Contagion 201 conspiracy to present simulated data as fact.
  • 15. 2020: Serco’s vaccinated Con Air agents appears to have infected Neil Ferguson, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson and Sophie Gregoire Trudeaupour encourager les autres”.
  • 16. February 26, 2020: First case of COVID-19 in US where the patient—allegedly infected by Con Air agents carrying COVID bioweapons on Phantom SKAB networks—in California had no travel history to an outbreak area, nor contact with anyone diagnosed with the virus. Oregon, Washington and New York soon report own cases of possible community transmission.
  • 17. February 13, 2020: US criminal charges named Meng Wanzhou. The unsealed US indictment alleged a "decades-long" effort to steal trade secrets from American companies, that Huawei and its proxies conspired "to misappropriate intellectual property", and Meng lied to HSBC bank [Serco banker].
  • 18. 2020: US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross—25 years with Serco, QEII and Donald Trump’s investment banker N. M. Rothschild & Sons—apparently orders G20 leaders to inject $5 trillion into global economy. "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply”—Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild
  • 19. 2018-2020: Serco shareholders appear to offer XX Viapath vaccination services to un-sick intellectuals and world bankers such as Bill Clinton and late David Rockefeller and George H. Bush (ΦΒΚ) and Michael Bloomberg, Wilbur Ross and Larry Fink (KBΦ).
  • 20. 2020: Serco rejects claims by a coalition of pension funds for allegedly misleading ­investors over fraud in its business ­tagging criminals. BBC Pension Trust, Shell ­Pension Trust, British Airways Pension Trustees and the National Pension ­Service of Korea are among more than 100 funds claiming compensation. Serco shares fell by nearly two fifths between July and November 2013 after PwC audit alleged Serco had charged Ministry of Justice for non-existent XX electronic tagging of [vaccinated or infected?] criminals.
  • 21. December 19, 2019: Boris Johnson suggests he could SCRAP TV licence fees.
  • 22. November 17, 2019: First case of COVID-19 detected in Wuhan, weeks before China acknowledged the outbreak and after Serco had allegedly deployed vaccinated Con Air SWAT teams to create hot spots and conceal a possible carbon-footprint cull!
  • 23. October 18, 2019: In NYC Pierre Hotel, Serco’s Resilience trainers appear to synchronize Event 201—co-hosted by Johns Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—which preceded the spread of a mutated virus “modeled largely on SARS .. [but] more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms”.
  • 24. July 2019: Gates Foundation Trust buys stake in UK prison firm Serco, which runs six UK for-profit prisons and gives insiders ability to deploy vaccinated prisoners on JABS.
  • 25. August 2019: Serco, Inc is awarded a potential five-year, $608 million indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity contract from the U.S. Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM) which thereby enables shareholders to control U.S. response (e.g. surrender!) to existential threats from CBRN weapons of mass destruction.
  • 26. 2018 through 2019, Serco’s Resilience trainers, apparently working with Clinton Con Air SKAB and prison-based Phantom Secure communications networks, synchronize a BBC and Cambridge University production of Contagion! in Haslemere, UK.
  • 27. July 5, 2019, the RCMP escorted a researcher with access to ‘Patient Zero’ bioweapons out of the NML facility. Security officials in the government of Justin Trudeau appear to have allowed Dr. Xiangguo Qiu from China, to violate Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies protocols in the Special Pathogens Program at the lab. Qiu appears to have recruited a Serco SWAT team of vaccinated (XX?) students to create a COVID-19 hot spot of infections in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, Hubei, China.
  • 28. January 25, 2019: Gates—3.72 million shares in Serco and a possibly-extorted co-owner of Four Seasons—prepares to push BBC Studios into a vaccination education service.
  • 29. December 14?, 2017: The staged murders of Barry and Honey Sherman who were hanged separately with belts tied to railing in the indoor swimming pool of their Toronto home in poses similar to nearby figurines. Barry Sherman, was a philanthropist and the litigious founder, chairman and CEO of Apotex Inc. who represented a $10 billion threat to market capitalizations of patent monopolies in the pharmaceutical investment business.
  • 30. October 1, 2017: Serco shareholders, including the government of Saudi Arabia, allegedly deployed BBC Con Air LARP actors to kill concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, and use the late Stephen Paddock as a patsy in the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the 32nd floor to decoy attention from snipers (hired by al-Waleed?) in the Four Seasons Hotel occupying five floors (35–39).
  • 31. July 16, 2017: Bill Gates and Prince al-Waleed bought Four Seasons for $3.8 billion and effectively forced Serco shareholders and the Worshipful Company of Innholders into staging LARPs with vectored criminals using GHOST and Phantom SKAB technologies.
  • 32. July 1, 2011: Bill Gates orders Microsoft to buy Nortel patents and allegedly takes over Hillary Clinton’s Phantom Secure SKAB operations servicing a 20,000 member crime group engaged in murder-for-hire, money laundering and hard core adult and child pornography and sportsbook (dead pool betting) out of Richmond, B.C.
  • 33. August 2010: Bill Clinton’s aides allegedly set up a BBC-Serco XX murder of the late MI6 spy Gareth Williams after Gareth was discovered to have hacked the Nortel JABS booking system allegedly used by Bill Clinton and Oxford alumna Ghislaine Maxwell to schedule the transport of sedated children in a “Lolita Express” North Face sports bag.
  • 34. May 5, 2009, Serco allegedly deploys U.S Customs to arrest Konan Michel Yao at the border between North Dakota and Canadian Province of Manitoba. Yao, a researcher at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg—Canada's only level-4 lab—and confiscate 22 vials of allegedly non-infectious genetic vectors from the Ebola virus in the trunk of his car. Yao pleaded guilty in a Grand Forks, N.D. courtroom to a charge of "failure to present merchandise for inspection" by the U.S. Customs Service.
  • 35. August 2005: Sidley alumna and co-founder of the Weathermen terrorist organization offers a small seminar on ‘Torture: Paradigms and Practice’ at Northwestern University.
  • 36. September 17, 2001: The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. announced today a program to expedite the payment of claims and provide other complimentary services to families of victims of the terrorist attacks in the United States on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. Two company "disaster relief" claims and information centers were to be established: on the site of the AXA Gallery at 787 Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan, and at the AXA Advisors Mid-Atlantic Regional headquarters at 3141 Fairview Park Dr. in Falls Church, VA, near Washington, DC. Beneficiaries can come to either location to receive immediate, on-site [XX] payment upon presentation of appropriate information. Both locations will be staffed by company reps to write and present claims-payment checks on the spot [in possible sportsbook or cat-bond frauds]
  • 37. 9/11: Sidley Austin insiders appear to have silenced [Nortel?] switchboard operator, Rosemary Smith, the only one of 600 Sidley employees who worked in the World Trade Center Building 1 to die on 9/11. Sidley Austin reopened its New York office on Monday, September 17, 2001 in the old Sidley & Austin office on Third Avenue which it had planned on closing on September 16. Instead, it leased four additional floors in that location, in a deal completed less than three hours [a slick Weatherman operation?] after the collapse of the World Trade Center. Sidley Austin later opened its permanent new office in the Equitable Center building on Seventh Avenue in July 2002.
  • 38. 9/11, Serco’s former CEO Chris Hyman and Serco shareholders, presumably tracked through the BBC’s patented spoken-text display system for the generation of television [vector] signals, met at about 8:30 am on the 47th floor of WTC 1 in New York to stage live action role play, allegedly synchronized with Con Air through the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel, during the imminent attacks to be attributed to Bin Laden groups.
  • 39. July-Sept. 2001: Huawei hacks Nortel through its SKAB installations which appear to link the BBC’s Teletext template to Serco’s NPL clock to synchronize 9/11 attacks.
  • 40. July 26, 2001: Nortel signs agreement with five construction companies including Amec, Bovis Lend Lease to install wireless, fibre-optic and data networks for Nortel Networks. Amec [with offices above Starnet at 425 Carrall Street, Vancouver in August 1999] was prime contractor on Penatgon Renovation project Wedge one to be destroyed on 9/11.
  • 41. 1999 through 2018, Christopher Charles Invalgdson sets up a pedophile ring with Serco Con Air SKAB and Phantom Secure to entrap and blackmail the likes of Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau and the currently-incarcerated Cameron Ortis, the former head of RCMP intelligence, and extort their silence or consent to a global, viral protection racket.
  • 42. 1999, Serco appears to deploy Con Air agents in IRS and U.S. Customs Service uniforms in a Vancouver raid which transferred a global adult and child pornography and online gaming racket to Starnet Kappa (elites) Amec Bovis (SKAB) installations in New York.
  • 43. April 26, 1999, the murder of BBC Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando, a prospective XX whistleblower to a decades-old BBC paedophile blackmail ring operated by the late Jimmy Savile. As Dando returned to her house in Fulham after spending the night at her fiancé’s home in Chiswick, a man grabbed her from behind, forced her to the ground and shot her in the head with a [modified round from a] 9mm calibre semi-automatic pistol.
  • 44. October 22, 1996: Kristine Marcy receives Gore Hammer award in DOJ Great Hall of Justice for a JPATS—nickname Con Air—project for tracking and transporting prisoners with the Nortel [Huawei?] Government Solutions Joint Automated Booking System.
  • 45. April 6, 1994: Agents for Oxford U. XX handlers Bill Clinton and Susan Rice allegedly used BBC template, Serco ATC and Defense Red Switch Network to coordinate the shoot down of plane carrying Rwanda President Juvenal Habyarimana, vector Hutu genocidaires over Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM), stand down the UNAMIR peacekeepers and develop estimates of daily-body counts to trigger dead-pool catastrophe (cat) bonds structured by Sidley Austin for Hannover Re.
  • 46. 1993 suicide (?) of Vince Foster, a prospective whistleblower on the HIV-contaminated plasma collected from Arkansas prison inmates and shipped to Canada by a U.S. firm with links to President Bill Clinton. In 2005, an alleged use of Phantom Secure technology by Serco’s Con Air network operators, appears to explain arson attack on Arkansas prosthetics clinic owned by tainted-blood whistleblower Michael Galster and a break-and-entry into the Quebec offices of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. The clinic burned to its shell and fire officials say they're "90 percent sure" it was arson. In Canada a computer and three [bugged?] telephones were stolen along with documents from a box labeled, "Hepatitis C, Krever Commission, Reform of the blood system, HIV-AIDS."
  • 47. May 1993, Hillary Clinton fired seven employees of the White House Travel Office—a.k.a. White House Travel and Telegraph Office—and replaced them with XX agents to synchronize Serco’s deployment of fake-news press corps and Con Air SWAT teams to spot fix the time of victim deaths with the NPL cesium fountain clock.
  • 48. To 1978: Clinton ‘Educators’ friends at the U. of Arkansas in the 1970s collect blood from prisoners and, decades later, patent ‘Poultry Probiotic Vaccine Compositions’ which may support sportsbook betting on Pirbright Institute’s coronavirus patent partly funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, co-host of Event 201 simulation in New York.
  • 49. October 14, 1973: The late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau signed a trade agreement with Premier Chou En‐lai and, after conferring with Chairman Mao Tse‐tung, allegedly gave the green light to the transfer of Five Eyes patented signals-intelligence and CBRN-weapons technology to the Communist Party of China.
  • 50. 1968-Present: Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton falls into for an XX sexual entrapment operation at Oxford. He is expelled and goes to Moscow for apparent orientation as an XX double agent. He returns to US and launches the Arkansas prison-blood trade. As POTUS 42 he builds a Con Air Phantom viral cat-bond operation for Serco shareholders.
  • 51. November 22, 1963: President John F. Kennedy allegedly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald whose apparent Oxford XX handler was Yves Fortier working with Jules Ricco Kimble, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a Montreal lawyer and former Major in Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.)—ergo an Oxford XX insider— Kimble later admitted to have furnished, in 1968, a false identity to James Earl Ray, the patsy in Martin Luther King assassination with a passport forged in a Montreal office.
  • 52. February 19, 1910: ‘Typhoid’ Mary Mallon released from quarantine, returns to the mainland. After several years working as a laundress, she changed her name to Mary Brown and took jobs as a cook. For next five years, she worked in a number of kitchens; wherever she worked, there were outbreaks of typhoid. Sidley lawyers allegedly guide Rockefeller clients through Spanish flu epidemic so donations went only to medical schools and hospitals prepared to align the entire health care sector under the control of patent monopolies in the pharmaceutical investment business.
Interesting excerpts
BBC—Coronavirus: Five and overs in UK now eligible for test … May 18, 2020 Everyone aged five and over in the UK with symptoms can now be tested for coronavirus, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced. … He was speaking in Parliament after the loss of taste or smell was added to the list of Covid-19 symptoms, alongside a fever and a new persistent cough. Mr Hancock said 21,000 people had been recruited to conduct contact-tracing in England, including 7,500 healthcare workers. This is when people who have come into contact with someone with the virus are tracked down and potentially asked to self-isolate. The new recruits will be trained to identify people and advise them on whether to isolate. The expansion of the testing programme may grab the headlines. It is a significant milestone - in less than two months the UK has gone from only being able to test hospital patients and health and care staff to offering it more or less population-wide. But it should not mask the difficulties that remain getting the test, track and trace system up-and-running. This will be essential to contain local outbreaks as we ease ourselves out of lockdown. Tests are still taking too long to turnaround for some - significant numbers are thought to be waiting several days - while the piloting of the tracking app on the Isle of Wight is not yet finished.”
12-05-2020 Print One of only a handful of COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently in clinical trials in the world is to begin initial evaluation in Canada. The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has announced a collaboration with CanSino Biologics (HK: 6185) to advance bioprocessing and clinical development in the North American country of a candidate vaccine against the virus. First to begin Phase II trials Referred to as Ad5-nCoV, the vaccine candidate received Chinese regulatory approval earlier this year, allowing CanSinoBIO to move ahead with human clinical trials in China. It was the first candidate vaccine to begin conducting Phase II human clinical trials. The relationship between the NRC and CanSinoBIO was first established in 2013. The NRC's HEK293 cell line was later licensed to CanSinoBIO and used in the development of an approved vaccine against the Ebola virus. This COVID-19 vaccine is also produced using HEK293 cell lines that were designed and developed at the NRC.”
Popsugar: A Much-Needed Breakdown of Angelina Jolie's Tattoos September 26, 2017 by JOHNNI MACKE Geographical Coordinates on Her Left Arm After getting her dragon tattoo removed, Angelina replaced the ink on her left arm with a series of geographical coordinates. Each one represents the birthplace of one of her children. In 2011, she added a seventh location to the tattoo for her now-ex-husband Brad Pitt. "Well if they know that it's latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad's birthplace," Angelina told Extra about her most recent coordinate. "It doesn't take much investigation to figure that one out. It's Shawnee, Oklahoma. [David Hawkins suggests that the BBC hired Jolie to executive produce a fake news education show to hide the ‘Inner Party’s Imperial’ ownership of children and the right to track them and their parents from the time and place of birth to the time and place of their death]"
Risk Transfer and Insurance Securitization In the area of property and casualty alternative risk transfer, Sidley is recognized as the market leader in catastrophe bonds, side cars and structured collateralized retrocessional arrangements. Within the life insurance industry, we have been a leader in redundant reserve (XXX and AXXX), embedded value, closed-block and adverse/catastrophic mortality securitizations. In addition, we have particular knowledge and experience in the use of derivatives and various transformer structures as alternatives means of transferring insurance risk. Given the vast resources of our firm in the areas of securitization, structured finance, securities law, derivatives and insurance regulation, Sidley is positioned to assist our clients in the structuring of these complex transactions and products.”
WHY SHOULD MEN & WOMEN DIE IN WAR FOR A SERIAL RAPIST?? …There are six credible known rape allegations against Bill Clinton. 1969 Eileen Wellstone at Oxford; 1972 a woman at Yale University; 1978 Juanita Broaddrick; 1978 forced fellatio on Arkansas woman lawyer; 1983 Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen; 1984 a 14-year-old girl who had passed out on cocaine at a party.”
FEBRUARY 2008 CLINTON'S ARKANSAS BLOOD SCANDAL STILL DRIPPING MARCH 2006 WASHINGTON POST ADMITS PRISON-AIDS TIE ONE OF THE BEST kept secrets of the American elite has been that its prison policies have not been tough love but, at best, massive negligent manslaughter. … Suzi Parker, writing in the Arkansas Times, described the scene: "At the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas penal system during the 1980s, while President Clinton was still governor, inmates would regularly cross the prison hospital's threshold to give blood, lured by the prospect of receiving $7 a pint. The ritual was creepy to behold: Platoons of prisoners lying supine on rows of cots, waiting for the needle-wielding prisoner orderly to puncture a vein and watch the clear bags fill with blood. Administrators than sold the blood to brokers, who in turned shipped it to other states and to Japan, Italy, Spain and Canada. Despite repeated warnings from the Food and Drug Administration, Arkansas kept its prison plasma program running until 1994 when it became the very last state to cease selling its prisoners' plasma [before allegedly transferring the business to First Lady Hillary Clinton and Con Air]"”
Arkansas’s prison blood program began in 1964 as a way for both prisoners and the prison system to make money. (Arkansas law forbids paying prisoners for their labor.) Set up by Birmingham, Alabama, physician August R. Staugh, it was, from 1967 to 1978, managed at various times by a group of physicians from the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Campus (now the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) in Little Rock (Pulaski County) and by the Department of Correction itself. In 1978, the state contracted with Health Management Associates Inc. (HMA), founded by pediatrician Francis “Bud” Henderson of Pine Bluff (Jefferson County), to run both the prison medical program and the plasma program. HMA sold each unit of plasma for fifty dollars, and the donating prisoner was usually paid seven dollars in scrip.”
Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam, lived in a $5 million NYC mansion with ties to Epstein and ran a mysterious private foundation. Here’s what we know about the British socialite’s finances and assets. Katie Warren, Business Insider US August 14, 2019 … The British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have been in the inner circle of the financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in prison on Saturday awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy. Maxwell is alleged to have acted as Epstein’s madam; she’s accused of recruiting victims and abusing them alongside the convicted sex offender. Maxwell, 57, the daughter of the media mogul Robert Maxwell, moved to New York City from England in 1991, reportedly living off a $100,000-a-year trust fund. Maxwell integrated herself into the city’s high society, attending parties, charity galas, and other events with celebrities, presidents, CEOs, and other members of the city’s wealthy and powerful elite.”
A CRIMINAL SLIPS THROUGH BY NEWSWEEK STAFF ON 4/24/05 AT 8:00 PM EDT Chris O'Keefe, a tech manager at TIAA-CREF, the massive pension fund for teachers and professors, figured it was a no-brainer to hire Sonia Radencovich. Her resume listed the right experience for testing TIAA-CREF's computer databases that held client data like Social Security numbers. .. Radencovich, however, left some key facts off her resume, NEWSWEEK has learned. Just days before she began work at TIAA-CREF last Sept. 27, she was sentenced to four years in prison for her role in a huge financial scam. Under what appears to be her real name--Sonia Howe--she was convicted of helping her friend and lover Martin Frankel bilk more than $200 million from insurance firms … her criminal background went undetected for nearly two months, during which she had access to customer data from a number of colleges, including Harvard, the University of Michigan and Purdue. .. She was fired in November and is now in prison on charges of racketeering and money laundering.”
How Typhoid Mary left a trail of scandal and death By Kevin Connolly BBC News 20 April 2020 No-one ever thought we'd see a time when every news bulletin and website in the world would be filled with stories of a global health crisis and the scientific race to beat it. But this is not the first time that epidemiology has captured the public imagination. There was the "Spanish" flu epidemic of 1918-1920 that infected a quarter of the world's population and killed anywhere between 17 and 50 million people. But even before that there was the extraordinary story of Typhoid Mary, a young Irish immigrant working as a cook in New York at the beginning of the 20th Century who left in her wake a trail of death, scandal and controversy. .. By 1900 Mary was a cook working in the houses of wealthy families in and around New York City. Her signature dish was said to be peach ice cream. .. Mary Mallon worked in the ritzier parts of Manhattan but things were not going as well as they seemed. Between 1900 and 1907 she cooked in the homes of seven families - the last one on Park Avenue - and in every one of them people fell sick or died. Each time she slipped away and found work elsewhere… The family of one of the victims hired a researcher called George Soper and the diligent Mr Soper proved to be Mary's nemesis - even though when he first tracked her down she chased him out of her kitchen with a carving fork. … It's possible to sympathise with her refusal to believe that she could be transmitting a disease from which she never suffered herself. But Mr Soper had correctly identified her as an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid fever. She would never get the disease herself but would never stop giving it to other people. “Not surprisingly, Mary Mallon found this impossible to understand. But the New York authorities were desperate and in 1907 Mary was exiled to the isolation facility on North Brother Island in the river outside New York.”
Norman Minow in a Speech to the National Association of Broadcasters, May 9, 1961 (the Wasteland Speech) When television is good, nothing--not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers--nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there without a book, magazine, newspaper, profit and-loss sheet or rating book to distract you--and keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that you will observe a vast wasteland. … What do we mean by "the public interest?" Some say the public interest is merely what interests the public. I disagree. … We need imagination in programming, not sterility; creativity, not imitation; experimentation, not conformity; excellence, not mediocrity. Television is filled with creative, imaginative people. You must strive to set them free. .. Never have so few owed so much to so many. …. To quarrel over the past is to lose the future.”
The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association President John F. Kennedy, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City April 27, 1961 For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on [XX] infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

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