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About bluejaypace

You can read the entirety of this webcomic for free on its main website, and the illustrations can be found on the creator's social media. By supporting this patreon page you'll have early access to the newest pages and high resolution pictures (Extra Content), and by doing so you'll help the creator, enabling them to put more time and focus to make new pages.

The story

You have arrived a world divided in two sides. One is the peaceful and familiar Hearth, other is the invisible continent of Eifron, home to magic and inhuman creatures.

Natsume lives a normal life on the Hearth side, having no idea of her origins and mysteries of her family's troubled past. Michiru is Natsume's close friend, but there's something they hide from everyone. Meanwhile in Eifron a group named Sigma deals with devils who disrupt peace by wreaking havoc. Hisuke, the Sigma captain, meets up with a devil called Liyuna, and some rivalry ensues from their opposite natures.
These two vastly different sides are set to become one once again, none knowing what awaits from it...

This is a fantasy story with some adventure and exploration elements. Most of its characters are queer and are diverse in identity and sexuality. There may be some depictions of violence and gore, but everything will be tagged and warned.

About the comic

This is the Patreon page for Reversed, a webcomic written and drawn by bluejaypace (Mike), with some help from Ryuuki, creator of the webcomic 7Deadly. Originally made public in April of 2017, the comic is currently ongoing, updating almost every Saturday, one page per week.


Why support this webcomic?

I'm a college student, and having your support enables me to focus more on it. Reversed is a project I've been working on since 2010 as a novel. This webcomic is a direct adaptation of the text, evolved and polished with my current experience. I hope to keep improving, and I'll keep doing my best for this project.


Thank you so much!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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