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Hello! My name is Jantine Broek and I'm and editor and writer at The Re:war Project, a platform for thinking, writing and talking about World War II and how we remember it today. I started Re:war a few months ago because when I became interested in WWII I met lots of women my age who were also into it, but who felt embarrassed to admit it because being interested in war is a Man Thing. I wanted to create a space where anyone who would not typically be considered a 'war buff' - an older straight white male - can contribute to the discussion. I'm looking specifically for the perspectives of POC, women, nb's and the queer community. I welcome contributions on any topic related to the war and war culture, as long as it's a fresh and critical take. This could be a review of a new war movie or book, a bio of an interesting figure from the war, an article on remembrance culture, or a personal essay about the way you interact with World War II. 

If you'd like to contribute to Re:war, let me know! If you dig what I'm doing and want to help me continue to create more content, you're in the right place!
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