Rewatchability is creating Podcasts

$1 /mo
The Participation Level - Exclusive access to join the conversation on our Patreon page, bonus content and a thank you on our site.

$3 /mo
The Online Stalker Level - We'll follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, whatever! We might even message you when we're lonely. Plus previous perks.

$5 /mo
The Early Bird Level - You get the newest episode first! Before it’s on iTunes or our site, it’s on your device and in your ears. Plus previous perks.

$10 /mo
The Perky Level - You’ll get a physical Rewatchability sticker in the mail. You can touch it, feel it, stick it. You also get a letter from us and early access to any articles we w...

$15 /mo
The Classic Level – A subsciption to Rewatchability Classics. Each week a different classic episode of Rewatchability for your enjoyment. It’s getting two podcasts for one! You can...

$25 /mo
The Shout Out Level - We give you a shout out live on the air! Whatever you want to push, whatever you want to say, our voice boxes are at your command! It's never been so cheap to...

$50 /mo
The You Pick the Movie Level - You get to pick the movie! We'll review whatever movie you want in an upcoming episode! We'll talk about it for an hour! We'll even revisit the 5th E...

$100 /mo
The You’re On the Show Level - You get to be a guest on the f*%&ing show! Isn't that cool?

$500 /mo
The Sponsorship Level - You're making it happen! You get everything, plus our hearts, and we will plug whatever you want every single episode by reading a short blurb up front! You...