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is creating Rewrite Christmas: a Open-Source Holiday Music Movement
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About Eric Skiff

Rewrite Christmas: A Free, Open Source, All-Profits-To-Charity Christmas Song

Listen to the demo of "Be My Mrs. Claus" 

Hi, I’m Eric Skiff!

A few years back, I released an open source album called Resistor Anthems.

As an experiment, I put my music out for free under a super permissive creative-commons attribution license, so anyone could use it however they wanted. All they had to do was say my name and link back to the site.

I’m obsessed with open source, and I have watched it transform the software and hardware industries I work in, and I’ve directly benefited from so much that other people have built and given away, I wanted to share something new.

Since releasing that album, I’m proud to say that it’s been listened to millions of times on soundcloud and youtube, used in thousands of games, podcasts, youtube videos, and even been included in a presentation to the U.N.!

It’s been an incredible adventure seeing how people use my music, and getting to hear their stories. I want to continue experimenting with what can be open-sourced, and I’m itching to release something new.

Rewrite Christmas
So today, I’m putting music out into the world again, but this time I’m breaking out of the videogame-music genre, and I’ve got my sights set on some bigger cultural goals.

Today I'm releasing the first open source Christmas song " Be My Mrs. Claus" and committing all profits from the song to charity. But it’s not enough just to write a song and release it. To truly make a song part of the Holiday season, it needs distribution and mass popular cultural acceptance. You need to hear it enough that it becomes part of the tradition and embeds itself into our culture.

I’m not shy about my ambitions for this project, I’ve got a clear vision of where I want to be in 15 months time. If we do things right, we can be on Ellen right before the holidays next year talking about this song that’s suddenly everywhere, with amazing performers singing the song live. Imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel crooning it to each other playfully, while a full band plays behind them.

This song, and this movement are about more than just getting famous for writing a song though. Although the song itself will be free for anyone to use, royalties and profits from all versions or performances of the song that I am associated with will be contributed to a charity which supports music programs for underprivileged schools. I want everyone who hears this song to thing “oh, right, everyone time I hear this, a charity is getting paid.” The song will literally represent the giving spirit of the holidays.

I also want to start a movement of songwriters who contribute their own songs under an open license and pledge their profits to charity. After the initial song release, each year the Rewrite Christmas community will vote up our favorite songs for inclusion in that year’s Rewrite Christmas album, adding to the Christmas canon and giving us new songs to enjoy, while still embracing the spirit, sound, and nostalgia of the holidays.

None of this can happen in a vacuum though. I’m going to need a ton of help to achieve this vision, and I want to bring everyone along for the adventure. Along the way I’m going to have to learn how to buy ad time on commercial and terrestrial radio, I’m going to need to pitch great artists on why they should record my song, and I’m going to need to talk with some of the worlds top ad agencies to see who’s willing to see if their clients will take a flyer on this new viral song for their Christmas 2020 campaign.

All along the way, I’m going to be sharing my interviews and learnings here on this site here with frequent updates and podcast episodes.

I know what i’m setting out to do is crazy. There are a million reasons it probably won’t work, but that’s why I have to try. There’s so much fun to be had and so much to learn from taking a shot with this, I can’t wait to see where the adventure takes me. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

How you can help:

Join the Patreon!
To achieve true cultural acceptance, we’re going to need help. Anything you can afford to give will help us get this movement started and get us ready for next season.

Connect me!
Who do you know that can help make this real or who can share a story that might help light the way?

I’ll talk with media execs, ad agency creatives, brand folks, anyone who works in daytime talk shows, etc. Bring it on!

I also need to continue to develop the demo recording - I would LOVE to record the song with a full 40’s style brass band behind it to give it that rich holiday sound. If you know musicians or a band that you think may be a good fit, put me in touch!

Thank you!
To everyone who's supported me in this crazy endeavor thus far and to everyone who joins this patreon, truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're incredible!

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