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What is Rewrite: Fantasy?

Rewrite: Fantasy is an adventure role-playing game that will soon be available for free on iOS and Android devices. It features a 2D side-scrolling overworld, a character driven story, and a turn-based battle system in hand drawn world.

The initial release of the game takes place in a land where a mysterious void suddenly appeared in the sky. From the void came Remnants, creatures with the power to rewrite reality.

As the world is being ravaged by these monstrous invaders, the Kingdom of Percheron has fallen.

Accused of treason for slaying the queen, a disgraced knight flees to the woodlands of Sorraia. Cursed with visions of both the past and future, Avris embarks on a quest to clear her name and unravel the secrets of how the Remnants came to be.

Who is Ka Moa Media?

We’re a game development studio based in Honolulu, Hawaii, currently creating mobile games. We published our first app, a Pomodoro Technique timer named Habit Farmer, in 2018. We hope to release our latest title, a role-playing game called Rewrite: Fantasy, this summer.

Ka Moa Media was founded in 2017 and began as a website design studio with a focus on promoting Polynesian culture by bringing local businesses online. In early 2018, we shifted our focus to application development and began to collaborate with artists, musicians, and coders from around the world.

Want to reach out to us? You can contact us on social media using the links below. We are most active on Twitter and Instagram.

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Why Patreon and why only one tier?

Our projects are entirely self-funded. We plan to release the initial build of Rewrite: Fantasy for free, so we’ve launched this Patreon to help keep the game free from ads and intrusive micro-transactions. What we earn here will also go towards extra content like alternate costumes, classes, and quests.

A single dollar will get you access to everything we post here. We’ll be posting weekly development updates, previews, insight into character designs, and cut-content.  We will also allow patrons to vote on certain things that may affect gameplay progression, costumes, and designs.

We will never lock any beta tests, builds, or in-game content behind a paywall here on Patreon. This Patreon only serves as a way to show support and get insight into the development process of Rewrite: Fantasy.
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We will create an alternate costume for a Rewrite: Fantasy character of your choice with options that Patrons can vote for. The costume will be available for everyone in-game for free.
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