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For those that like supporting me, but only a little bit.  Will also include posts and drafts and anything else that might come up in my mind, but will mostly be focused on my fan works.

  • New video animations without watermarks.
  • Any extra angles or alternates I may create.
  • Access to personal archives and open commission slots.
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Want more then just access to fan works?  If you really want to support my future, this is the place to be.  I hope to really make Aurexx a reality someday!

  • High priority on commissions and opens private sponsorships.
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  • World creation short stories and history.
  • Most draft artwork fleshing out the setting.
  • All maps and other goodies I create.
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Want more open dialogue and just super curious about my plans or desires?  Head on over to the demon den and ping me.  You will also be the place that can on occassion get "Unreal Packs" when I use the engine for scene builds.

  • Higher priority on any commissions or private sponsorships.
  • Access to any "Unreal Packs" I create based on video scenes.

  • Access to the "Demon Den" channel on Discord, from which I will answer any questions you have or just talk with other Deviants.
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Everything on this site is for adults (18+)

As many of you know, I spent the last decade working on erotic manipulations and animations, something that started out as a hobby and grew into a very enjoyable job.  Though I may not say it much, I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

Sadly, during the first half of 2019 I was ordered to cease and desist my main source of inspiration, gutting much of my content.  Though I believed my works were fair use fan machinima in which I took no creative credit for the characters or models, I decided not to challenge the request, for the sake of my family.

So you may ask, why join my patreon?

I will continue to animate utilizing other fan franchises.  You can see some of my work around the net involving specific fan favorite franchises.  Fan works are part of my DNA, so they won't stop, and you can see the fruits of that love on my website and social accounts.

Want more? Well, to avoid issues in the future and hopefully make something unique and enjoyable for everyone, I am designing my own fantasy setting. Project Aurexx.

I have taken a part-time animation job with the guys at StudioFOW working on Subverse, which will cover most monthly expenses, and thus will be routing much of my patreon money into the development and creation of this setting.  The experience on Subverse will also allow me to someday start the process of working on my own games based on my fantasy setting.

As time goes on and I finish up stages, characters, animations, games, etc, I will release the master files for patrons and, later on, will post them for free to the animation community.  It is my hope to someday have a true erotic fantasy setting that no one would be able to take away from myself or those that wish to partake in some nice stylized (and sometimes dark) erotica.

As a patron, you will also get to help in crafting this world, giving insights into races, locations, names, and various other things that you may wish to add.  This isn't just a setting for me, it's one I hope to let others imprint on, and enjoy on their own terms. That is my hope, even if a bit far off right now!

Whether you wish to patron me or not, I appreciate the time you took to read this page and consider. 

Thank you!

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You want to have all the Aurexx data easy to read?  Get this goal and I will open up my personal anvil to patrons! I might do this in the future anyways, but I really wanted a goal here!  Goals are important!
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