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As well as the free content I will post, which will be regular comic strips and an ongoing webcomic this tier gets you access to Patreon-Only posts which include:

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• Early Access to updates of the 'In Trouble' Webcomic

• A limited selection of my process and development posts.

• 5% discount code in my online shop.

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In addition to everything in the previous tier you will get:

• Full access to my Tolkien Studies Blog

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On top of everything in the previous tiers you will get:

• A new and original Silas Pope/Cognition prose short story every month. 

You can read FREE sample of these stories here -

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Also, as one off benefits upon completion of your first months support you will receive:

• A digital copy of Cognition #0 & 1 comics

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***My Patreon is currently on HIATUS***
I'm talking some time to recharge and get get some new work going before I get back to a regular schedule. You can still support the page, you will be charged for the initial sign up, it's good value there is over 9 months of content to enjoy. I will not be charging Patrons while I'm taking a break. I'll notify all Patrons when I plan to restart so they can decide if they would like to continue with their support.

This page is set to 'UP FRONT payment'. This means you will be charged when you sign up for the entire current month (regardless of how much of that month has elapsed), then on the 1st of each month you support afterwards.

I'm a multi-disciplinary creator. Primarily I write, edit and letter comics, but that has all bulged out in various directions, in interesting shapes like a play doh fun factory.

This Patreon will be a place to catch up on years of content I've already produced, as I re-post it to collect it in one place. Some of them will continue, giving Patrons early access, others will be extended with material that has never been published online before.

I'll also be using this platform to share new content. My supporters will be able to follow me every step of the way as I create new stories, from concepts to early drafts through to editing and production. It will be like a behind the scenes blog as I begin fresh projects.

Further to ALL of this I'd like to use this platform to help others make their own creative projects a reality. There will be tiers that include lettering, design and editorial services to other creators, structured in such a way that it is almost a 'pay as you go' service to ease the burden of  the production costs we all encounter.

Projects that will feature on my Patreon:


The Journal of Silas Pope / Cognition - Prose short stories
I will aim to post one original prose short story each month. They will vary in length and subject. Initially, they will be about the adventures of Silas Pope, the spymaster from my comic series Cognition. You can find out more about the comic here -

Second Breakfast - Tolkien Studies Essays
This is a Tolkien Studies blog where I'll be reading through the works of JRR Tolkien and writing chapter by chapter breakdowns and analysis. I've been a Tolkien nerd for a very long time, and I've decided this series of essays gives me an excellent excuse to cast a critical eye over books I have read many times and love dearly in the hope of gaining greater insight and understanding. There are a bunch of introductory essays that are free to read which I think give an excellent grounding as I begin making my way through The Hobbit.

Monthly Livestream/Newsletter - Sequential Reasoning
I've been writing a regular email newsletter for a little over two years. It's now a monthly thing that covers a wide range of subjects. Basically, anything that I feel like writing about. It usually revolves around creativity, making and all the fun and struggles that come with it. I get personal now and again talking about my life and family. Peppered into all of that is insight into my own processes, what I've been working on, what I'm reading/watching/playing and a few reviews.
Patrons will get early access to this post each month.
I also host a Patreon-exclusive livestream once per month that covers similar ground as my newsletter but gives Patrons a chance to ask me questions live.

Developing Projects - Behind the Scenes
As I begin work on new scripts, stories and books I'll post about my process and progress. If you stick with me long enough you'll see how my stories go from ideas all the way to the page and hopefully beyond as they bugger off into the wider world.

My Life as a Cartoon
- Comic Strips
Years ago I ran a graphic design blog and was desperate for content. So I made a weekly comic strip for it. I ended up making over 100 of them. I'll post them regularly here. They are freely available on my website, however, I also plan to post 50 extra strips that are currently only available in the print collection.

In Trouble - Web Comic
This is my webcomic about pregnancy and the end of the world. A woman finds out she is pregnant the same day it's announced an asteroid will obliterate the Earth. It's about how we all cope with huge life changes and why we carry on when everything seems hopeless. There are currently over 35 pages on my website. I'll gradually begin posting them here, and once it's all up to date and I can get back to making it to a schedule, I'll give Patrons early access to the pages.

Comic Book Lettering
- BAM!
I've lettered for many indie creators and publishers. I love the process, linking the art to the words and making the narrative come alive in the way they combine! It's a privilege to be the first person on a creative team to see the finished page.
For a monthly pledge you can secure 5 pages of comic lettering. If you support for multiple months you can save up those pages for a longer project or have them completed in installments. It's a way to spread some of the production costs on this part of the book.
You can see samples of my lettering work here -

Editing - Helping you make your story the best it can be!
I have experience editing the Experimental Comic anthology Sliced Quarterly. This ran for 3 volumes over as many years. It gave me a great grounding working with writers and artists to help them get the best out of their ideas. It can begin from discussing a concept before scripting, feedback on an existing script or simply line editing for mistakes or inconsistencies.
Editing may seem like an additional expense, but I find it helps reduce costs through producing the artwork if you make sure the script is as tight as possible. Again I've tried to structure the tiers to accommodate a one off service or for ongoing support.
You can read more about my editorial services here -

Online Shop
If you decide to become a Patron, you will get various discount codes to use in my online shop.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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