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About Rowan Fridley


My name is Rowan and I'm a freelance traditional artist from Missouri. I make original poetry comics, short-form stories, and illustrations. Most of my stuff is on the spooky side--expect body horror, insects, and ghosts of various shapes and sizes. You'll also find gay stuff, sea creatures, and folk songs if horror isn't your thing. 

I'm currently working on a short horror graphic novel called Red Mountain, and updates will be posted early here as I work on each chapter. Red Mountain follows Lorene, a stoic woman living a quiet life in the Ozarks, on her quest to find out happened to her missing moonshiner girlfriend, Ruby. If you like hillbillies and eldritch cave monsters, here's the place to be!

Patrons will get access to monthly sketchbooks, process work on Red Mountain and other projects, NSFW content, and a variety of other odds and ends. You can expect a lot of creepy caverns, poisonous plants, and some hot dudes here and there. Your support will help me create more and move towards being able to support myself and my cats off of art full time. Thank you!

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