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I'm Regina @rgbcn, from Barcelona.

I love drawing ... really love it!! I draw a lot of fanart, but also personal illustrations. My dream is to devote my time to draw, to become a full time illustrator.

That's why I'm asking for your support!! With you help, I can focus on draw what I love and be able to share my drawing journey here with you.

I would love to do tutorials in the future, and my own comic! Will you help me with that?

Join me to get my monthly rewards! Becoming my Patron, you will get:

  • Access to an exclusive timeline with all my drawings and work in progress, ideas and updates.
  • Get to see all the inside work of my drawing process, including tools and other tips.
  • Get to see exclusive drawings I don't post anywhere else.
  • Access to my Discord private channels (How to connect to discord here).
  • Monthly rewards which includes (Depends on the reward level you choose)
    • Download ZIP with jpg versions of my drawings.
    • Wallpapers for desktop and mobile
    • Early access to work in progress drawings and fanfictions.
    • Exclusive discord access
    • NSFW content
    • Linearts to color
    • Under sketches
    • HQ drawings/scans & wallpapers
    • Drawing process photos
    • PSDs layered
    • Video timelapses (digital and traditional drawings)
    • Recorded live sessions available anytime
    • Old tutorials
    • Early access to my youtube videos before I post them
    • Stickers
    • Prints on demand (A5) 
  • When you become a patron, the platform will charge you for the current month and I will send you the rewards according to that. After that, patreon processes the pledges at the beginning of the month.
  • You can edit your pledge every time you like! Up or down! just have in mind I will send you rewards for your level of processed pledges.
  • You can always delete your pledge if you want! there’s no problem about that.
  • Patreon is a secure platform and it will not charge anything you don’t want to.
  • If you pledge for physical rewards, I will need your complete address, this info will always be confidential.
  • Remember my rewards are for your personal use, please don't post/share any of my drawings without my consent and, of course, don't use it for commercial use.
  • Rewards are what it’s described on every level of pledge. Unless you choose not to receive rewards, every month I will send you a message with links to download my drawings and links to my videos on youtube if you are in a tier with videos. If your pledge include physical rewards, that reward will be sent to your home.
  • I send the links to download my drawings via patreon message (you should receive an email when I do that).
  • I send the digital rewards every 4th - 6th of every month, after Patreon processed the pledges. If you don’t get your rewards, please check your settings or contact me.
  • In case of physical rewards, I will be going to the post office 1 or 2 times a month. Please have patience as my time is limited, and sometimes mail can be slow depending on your country.

Do you want to be a patron but you still have questions? you can always contact me via [email protected]

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Oh! I also write fanfictions, check my stories here (please review!)
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Regina @rgbcn
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Art tutorials and voice overs!
Do you want to know all my art insights, but also me explaining all the process? I would love to help you to start drawing, sharing all my knowledge and ways to draw. Help me to arrive to this goal and I will open Tutorial Club!
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