is creating retro game development books and code examples.
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About RetroGameDev

Hi, I'm Derek Morris and I created RetroGameDev to produce books, code examples, and support for the retro game development community.

I've held game engine and graphics programming positions at Codemasters, Sega, NaturalMotion, and WayForward Technologies.

My aim is to pass on some of my knowledge gained over the past 20+ years to inspire brand new retro game creations.

Follow along with the development of a full production quality NES and C64 'Racing Game'.

The monthly lessons will teach the complete development cycle from first 6502 assembly instructions to published game on cartridge and floppy disk.

The plan is for 1 lesson per month (link valid until the next month’s lesson). The back catalog will be made available for purchase at
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Free C64 Beach Bar Game
When I reach 250 patrons, as a big thank you I'll release for free the project assets and source code for the 'Beach Bar Game' that was created for the C64 Edition Volume 2 book. See
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