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I'm a doctoral researcher at the University of Iceland. I work on molecular dynamics and the intersection of quantum chemistry and machine learning.

Now that that's out of the way. I have been programming for over ten years now. I remember when the internet was just a place to be anonymous and embody ideas without being linked to them.

I have written quite a bit over the years, and started a lot of projects which ended prematurely. I am committed to FOSS principles and learned almost everything I know about programming from scratch. I prefer reading and writing things up to consuming and creating video content.

It would be nice to have a passive income stream to be able to focus on the things which are broken in academia, most of which I believe can be overcome by documentation and just plain open sourcing everything.

The first and only donation I ever received was a few years after I started coding. I was in high school and was working on Android ROMs, back in the day I was the co-maintainer for the LineageOS ROM for the Z5 Dual. I got 5 euros and I was ecstatic.

I will never paywall anything here. All the content I create is in hopes that it is useful or helpful to someone, like all the content I consumed and continue to consume online.

This is just in case anyone wants to quantify their gratitude.

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