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About Rheana

Why Rheana is on Patreon?

I love entertaining, being playful, and sharing my humor. I've been working on the quintessential relationship book from the loose angle of a lesbian perspective.  It will be super fun to do it with a community of peeps - getting your feedback, support, shared humor, and input!  I've already written 250 pages and one song alone (except for my editor, Kyle Tijerina, and two musician buddies  Audree D. and DJ Adonica, otherwise yes all by my lonesome). 

How Not to Comply and Lose Yourself in Relationship?

Has your partner ever asked you or expected you to change something about yourself you didn't want to change? Have you ever lost yourself in your relationship? Sucks huh? That's what happened to me in my relationship. It's so elusive when it happens, but you know when you've done it because you can feel it. It's icky, you just feel "off" but it's hard to explain, you can feel confused, angry, deflated, unseen, or down right resentful towards your partner. But what the heck happened and how do you fix it?

Currently, the book's working title is "She's Straight-laced and I'm Velcro, How Not To Comply & Lose Yourself In The Intimate Relationship."

This self-help book guides you to:
  • Understand the difference between complying vs. compromising in your relationship.
  • Know how to reach a true compromise with your partner.
  • Recognize how you give away your power and how to get it back.
  • Discover yourself, love yourself, and uncover your core of origin wounding from childhood that gets triggered, see when it surfaces in your relationship, then know how to heal that within. 
  • Understand your soft spots and your partner's soft spots.
  • Heal past hurts, traumas, or heartbreaks. Get unstuck and move forward in love.
  •  Re-claim your power that you've given away in relationships, past, present, or future with an empowerment decree. 
  • Enjoy healing effects of the music and guided meditation.
  • Integrate these relationship tools in workbook style exercises.
  • Learn the profound relationship tool of active listening with your partner so you both experience the healing effect of feeling seen and heard by your partner.
  • Achieve a truly conscious-loving partnership.

She's Straight-Laced and I'm Velcro, How Not To Comply & Lose Yourself In The Intimate Relationship

by Rheana Jackson, B.A., R.M.T.

See the current excerpts and get your name on the waiting list for your own published copy of the book.
GatekeeperHealing.com/My Book Page

More About Rheana:
I currently live in Denver, Colorado. But my cat, Miss Kitty and I intend to be out in my RV exploring in nature as much as possible. My reverence for Mother Earth began in childhood growing up in the lush, green growth forests of Arkansas and enjoying months camping on the lake, during the summers with my Aunt Karen as a kid.
I received a degree in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University, a Buddhist founded school located in Boulder, Colorado. I'm a very gifted energy healer with a holistic healing practice since 2000, as an Empath,  Reiki Master, and Divine White Light Healer,  practicing at Vast Wellness Center. I also offer on-going remote Reiki healings to clients around the world.  For over 16 years, I've helped thousands of people (and pets) heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I specialize in women's issues, trauma, and emotional healing.  I love people, pets, and our planet earth. My uplifted spiritual perspective on life issues weave throughout the book helping you achieve higher states of awareness, and wonderful unique views to see loving potentials in new lights. It is a transformational book, that will touch your heart, open your eyes, and uplift your spirit and hopefully turn you on. Come Join me in this creative, sexy, healing adventure.

I truly Can Not do this without your help. Every single dollar put towards this project will be uplifting humanity-I give you my word!    Namaste~ The God in me honors the God in you.
$1.28 of $200 per month
I have the goal of $200/month to get this writing, music, and passion-in-my-pants in front of my audience.

I want this book to be in the hands of everyone who is struggling in a relationship and to help heal those hearts. It takes a lot time and effort to get the word out, including empowering my supporters with vlogs and keeping up with what current issues my people are struggling with. It takes a tribe to write a book sometimes and this goal will help this book reach its climax. 
This patreon page is truly going to resonate with those of you learning how not to comply in your relationship. Grow balls with me as we learn to stand our ground together through this art forum!  Also, those healing from heartbreak -it's a place for support and clarity. Anyone looking to empower themselves is invited! 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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