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What I Do And Why

In November 2003, I was lying in a hospital bed wondering why just another bout of bronchitis felt like a Clydesdale sitting on my chest. A cardiologist standing at the foot of my bed told me I had pneumonia with congestive heart failure.

I heard him, but didn't because my mind was thinking, "Why did I give up horses?"

So, while I convalesced and healed, I resumed my childhood pastime of reading about them. I also set aside a Washington thriller I had been struggling to write. I noodled with a horse mystery based on my past with my childhood friends instead.

A few years later, I started blogging. The Horsey Set Net has been operational since 2008, in those summer days just before the Beijing Olympics.

Over the years, my horse blog changed focus from what was timely for horseless horse lovers to writing about horses in culture to a mix of both with some personal commentary. It's about to change a bit again to include the healing power of horses.

As for my "horse mystery?"

I learned how difficult writing fiction is. It's an entire new skill set.

News reporting is like undressing to get ready for bed. Here are the facts about the situation and the atmosphere. Filtration through the reporter is discouraged.

Writing fiction is more like verbal striptease. Done well, fiction is immersive entertainment. From my mind to your mind.

The job of a fiction author is to transport you to a fictional world, distract you from your real-life troubles, maybe inspire you, and help you laugh or cry or both along the way. 

FATAL IMAGE is almost done. It's also the first in a series. That photo at the top of my page is from my research into creating the setting for the novels.

Other stories are knocking around inside my head, too.

Being an Author Today Isn't Just About the Writing

Yes, all you really need to write are a pen and paper. That's the bottom line.

But we live in a digital age. Authors are expected to produce content to support their work. Being an author and promoting that work to readers - because we all like to have our work read - takes a certain comfort with tech.

Computers. Apps. Cameras. Smartphones. Newsletters. The social media app du jour your readership loves.

Accessing it takes tech, along with paper and pens.

Some of the tech is more accessible than you think. For my Patreon supporters, I'll be talking a bit about those things that have helped me.

My Publication Credits

Years ago, I had a general assignment reporter's byline and photo credits in a small metropolitan daily newspaper. That job taught me how to get photos, make cold calls, and how to talk to cops. All good early training for a mystery writer.

In addition to blogging at The Horsey Set Net and what I refer to as my author website, I am a published author.

My short story "On Like Donkey Kong," set in the fictional world of my novels-to-be, is included in FISH OUT OF WATER: A GUPPY ANTHOLOGY edited by Ramona DeFelice Long.

In "On Like Donkey Kong," Tammy Jo is a scorned horse trainer's wife who hatches a plan of revenge on the night of a small town tradition. What could go wrong?

Also, my poem "At the Rail" is published in the fine art photography book TRACK LIFE: IMAGES AND WORDS by Juliet Harrison.

As you may have gathered from the above, I like to do different things. For good or ill.

Why I'm On Patreon

No one wants to admit they need validation or even a little money as a motivator, but, well, here I am.

Also, my husband, who I often refer to as MacGuyver because he's a skilled Mr. Fix-It Engineer, will be retiring soon. We met when we both worked in a TV studio in Lexington, KY.

I want to be able to step in and add monetary value to our lives, but I also want to be able to do my work and let it evolve. I also like being independent and controlling my intellectual property, even though independence is scary.

Only a few of my colleagues seem to be on Patreon. That would stop a sane person, or at least, give her pause. But if everyone isn't some place I'm considering, then maybe that's a great place for me.

Want to patronize content like a Medici, but like the "nice" ones, not the scary Medicis?

Patreon allows fans and content consumers an option to offer support to creators. I chose monthly support, partly because I set the entry level low for supporters.

And this is just the beginning. For now, I'm just starting small.

What I Do and What's In It For You ... So Far

My blog content will still be free. Yeah, you could just wait until I post, but I'll put early drafts and thoughts about the posts here.

I'll also sell books on the usual digital platforms and stores. All that begins soon. This year, I hope.

This Patreon page will offer an additional experience. More than I do on social media. Heck, you'll see what will go on social media here on Patreon first.

I'm still coming up with ideas for supporting my fiction here on Patreon, so I'll be adding other tiers in the near future. I wanted to get us started with what's available now.

So, come on in and join the fun!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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