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This tier is created for those who would like to simply say "THANK YOU"  and to support me in my arts and want nothing in return than my honest  gratitude :)   <3 

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In this tier you will actually get something back from me. You still can be assured to be loved. This tier will receive free logo stickers :)

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you are super super awesome..  this tier will get first sneak peaks, free logo stickers & occasionally free surprise pieces sent to you :)




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About rhythmnresin

  • Hey guys! Im the girl behind my brand new side gig called RHYTHMNRESIN.  Follow and support me on this new journey of incorporating rhythm into resin. Im just starting out so any support is greatly appreciated!  I love making the world a brighter place and making people happy thru art :)
  • Be sure to follow my instagram & my etsy pages.
  • Fun fact: All my pieces are named after songs!

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My first goal is to hire someone to create and print my logo labels.  Second goal is to launch my website. Ongoing goals are to cover overhead/materials.
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