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About Ria Martinez

Hello there~!  My name is Ria Martinez and I am a freelance illustrator based on the East Coast.  I am rewriting and illustrating a webcomic called Starry Eyed, which you can read here: starry-eyed-comic.tumblr.com 

I am CURRENTLY working on original content like RUMBLE ROYALE and a webcomic with my friends Taneka Stotts and Genue Revuelta called CASUAL HEX!

I love making webcomics as part of my living. I also attend a lot of conventions year round as well as take commissions.

With your support I am able to work more on comics, create more originals, and take less odd freelance jobs. Hopefully even travel to a con near you!

ko-fitwitter | tumblr | instagram

72% complete
Half way there to achieving my goal of working full-time on comics.
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