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About Ricardo Diaque


I´m Ricardo Diaque, an artist from Mexico City. My work is centered in a constant exploration for new forms of communication in order to have less dependency on digital devices and social media. Most of my work is very abstract and not always is this end result achieved, but I like to think that as aesthietic beauty is perfected and my pieces receive more credibility, the message will become more appealing and practical. For now, the empirical value of my pieces is focused on the posibilities that lie in different medias and techniques and in creating works that permit the spectator to experience something or anything of value. As of today, there is something of pragmatic value in my work and it is more than a complex concept, just a very simple idea: all of my pieces are meant to be touched, this way the spectator interacts with everything in a more "memorable" way.

You can check out some of my work in my website: ricardodiaque.com
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When I reach 500 patrons I will make an online raffle and give away 10 dry-point engravings to 10 lucky patrons. Also, so that everyone gets something, I will send out an invite to all of my patrons to share a live chat with me.
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