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About Ricardo Lino

Olá Patreon, my name is Ricardo Lino and i´m a wheel addict who creates videos about my addiction to wheel sports, such as Inline skating, Roller skating, bicycles, and other weird wheeled creations.

 I´m 36 years old who started skating when I was 2,5 years old, so you can do the maths ;)

From Portuguese speed skating champion around 50 times, to a Professional aggressive inline skater, to riding bikes and competing internationally, my addiction to wheels is real. and thats maybe why I studied sports science.

Other then making videos, I also work in product development and marketing for the skate brands I used to skate for.

In the end of 2016 I decided to start my own youtube channel, and even if its still new, its growing pretty fast.

Hope you enjoy my content and support my journey trying to grow these sports and spread my wheel addiction.

Without ever forgetting why we all started,

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