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I'm a firm believer of the phrase "something is better than nothing". Thanks!

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I-I'm not crying damn it. It's just sweat! 

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It's not like I'm appreciative or anything... B-baka! 

Alright, the jig is up. It's safe to say that you're my hero. We should totally hang out in a Discord channel one time.


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Me, myself and Patreon

Hello! I'm Rice, a young creative and the owner of miso.moe.

After having created multiple projects of smaller scale and working on games such as Dragon Ball Online Global, I've decided to come to Patreon for aid in my endeavors.

Currently, I am creating:
miso.moe - A website/blog based on anime and video-game fandom
- Paradise Blue - A maritime RPG with a twist

What am I supporting, exactly?

By 'supporting me', you are helping me pay for:

- Posts for miso.moe 
- Website hosting costs for miso.moe
- Domain extras for miso.moe (i.e. SSL Certificates)
- Assets for my games (pixel/concept art, music, writing)
- Team members (currently just myself on all of my projects) 
- Server costs (these can be quite high...)
- If I'm lucky, a coffee? (No sugar.)

As a result of supporting, you can expect:

- Q&A's
- Polls
- Discussions with me present
- Sneak peeks and previews
- Patreon pledge-based rewards
- Cross-game benefits (by supporting my patreon you receive bonuses in all of my games)
...And more!

A special thanks to each and every one of you for dropping by.

To all who visit, thank you for giving me the time of day.

For those who support me, you have my thanks and favor. Thank you very much.

- Rice
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Attend tournaments and events representing miso.moe.

That's right.
 We're taking the UK fandom by storm and making ourselves known! But to do this, we need funds and a fanbase. The latter all the more so! Spread the word about miso.moe!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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