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About Richard Lipman

Documentary filmmaker and award winning photographer whose work is broadcast and published globally. 

Seeking support for documentaries and photography works. 


"I did watch your Israel Elections film (In Jerusalem: Elections 2013 / 5773) and found it both interesting and illuminating."
Rosemary Freidman

"Over the years Richard has directed and produced numerous films for Youmanity ranging from broadcast TV news to virals and promotional films. Richard is always very professional, fast yet meticulous and a pleasure to work with."
Angelo Iudice, Chair
Youmanity (social inclusion charity)

"His short film 'Another Wannabe Model' conveys a feeling of a French new wave in a modern setting. It is a rollercoaster of emotion in a silent film."
Sharif Crawford, Film Acquisitions Coordinator, IndieFlix
(VOD and film distribution)

"Your footage is great."
Antonia Windsor
Artistic director & Freelance Journalist (The Guardian)
Ambitus Theatre

Chrysta Bell, singer works with David Lynch

"Your photos are great."
Damim, band
"A run and gun documentary filmmaker who excels in capturing gritty realism."
Dr Brian Kaplan

''He's really quick!''
CORBIS news agency

"It's brilliant!!! Richard has done a wonderful job!!!!"
Sylwia Ingmire, Chief Executive
Roma Support Group (refugee and migrant charity)

"Hey they (photograph) look great! Thank you."
Maddie Mills (fashion model for Pam Hogg AW18)

''Having worked with and edited films for some of the worlds greatest film directors from Nicholas Roeg to Andrew Piddington and Michael Mann, I consider Richard's storytelling style to be very interesting. He is very talented - bold, surreal, quirky and technically efficient.’'
Tony Palmer, editor, EMMY Award Winner
'The Killing of John Lennon,' 'Performance'

'It's a good one (question)!'
Nick Broomfield , BAFTA, Sundance winning documentary maker
'Soldier Girls,' 'Kurt & Courtney,' 'Whitney: Can I Be Me'