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Specifically for those struggling with their mental health but also struggling financially. Your access will be funded by another patron in a Patron For A Patron tier level. We only ask that you contribute to Patreon's processing fees, hence the nominal small fee. For only a few pence per day you get access to at least 20 sessions worth of psychotherapy content. Including hours of hypnotherapy and meditation audio that all update every Monday morning (UK time). You will also get access to our community area where you can chat with like minded folk and support each other. You can also message my directly if you fancy a private chat from time to time. No patron knows who's in which tier level and your supporter won't know who you are directly. One thing we do ask is that if in the future your finances pick up please do consider "paying it forward" and becoming a Patron For A Patron supporter yourself, if you can.

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So, you'd like some exclusive content would you?

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If you're considering this tier then please know that I love you very much!
No really, actually love, you make my heart feel funny and everything!

At this level you get access to all my regular content but you also get that warm glow that comes from knowing you're making someone's world better.
They're anonymous and so are you, know one needs to know who's helping and who's struggling.
You are helping someone get through some tough times and I thank you from the bottom of increasingly warming heart.



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