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$1 /mo
You delicious sweet treat topped in buttercream you! Thank you. You've brightened up my day.

Extra toppings:

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Caterpillar Cake

$3 /mo
Mm-mmm, wriggle over here you tasty swiss roll smothered in Smarties. Thanks to you, it feels like my 8th birthday (instead of my 38th).

Extra filling:

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Chocolate lava cake

$5 /mo
Ooo, you hot sponge bursting with delicious gooey chocolate sauce. You spoil me! 

I dropped a lava cake on the kitchen floor once trying to dance like a Bollywood star. This is bette...


Christmas cake

$10 /mo
You're my favourite!!! A chunky wedge of rich, moist fruitcake covered in yummy yellow marzipan and soft snow-white icing. It's Chriiiiiistmaaaaasss!!! ...all year round. :-D

Extra s...



$20 /mo
Heavenly towering profiteroles of perfection, you're a showstopping French delicacy bonded with golden threads of caramel and embellished with edible flowers! Merci beaucoup mon amie!