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About Richard D. Bartlett

I had my mind blown and my chest ripped open during the Occupy Movement in 2011. Since then I've been learning how people can work together without hierarchy.

After Occupy, my friends and I started Loomio, an open source tool for small scale digital democracy. I'm also a Catalyst at Enspiral: a tribe of ~200 people exploring self-management and collective ownership. I believe that practicing small group democracy is vital to building a civil society that's fit for the 21st century.

I'm writing a book that offers practical guidance for decentralised organising -- you can get the work-in-progress here.

I also regularly blogs to share everything I'm learning about how to make more inclusive organisations, collectives, co-ops and companies. With my writing I aim to be accessible, critical, and chirpy. I only publish stuff I think is going to make the Web a better place to be. Here's some examples:

I have a deep commitment to the commons: for the past ten years I've published all my work freely, with an open license for anyone to read, learn from, use, copy and modify. I'm going to keep publishing everything for free, but I'd like to have more time to do it.

In my ideal world I'd be a full time writer. I've got a few books eager to jump out of my fingers, like the one about unpicking the patriarchy from my masculinity. This Patreon campaign is an experiment to see if the good people of the Web will pay some fraction of my rent so I can dedicate more time to this writing gig.

Thank you so much for your support! ❤️💚💛💙💜

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