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Affable Advocate

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At the end of each month you’ll get an update on my writing life and links to anything of mine that was published free-to-read online. Also, a sense of satisfaction and immediate access to five sho...

Winsome Well-Wisher

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In addition to the above, at the end of each month you’ll get behind-the-scenes author commentary on that month’s stories: where I got the ideas, my thought process while plotting them out, last-mi...

Bighearted Benefactor

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In addition to the above, you’ll also get a 1000-word sneak peek of whatever I’ve been working on lately. Part of a short story, scraps of novel, maybe even poetry. Who knows? (You will. You’ll know.)

Fearless Philanthropist

$75 /mo
In addition to the above, at the end of each month you’ll get exclusive access to a story that’s either unreleased or hard to find. Maybe it was in a print anthology with a small run, maybe it was ...

Fairy Freaking Godparent

$150 /mo
You sure about this? If so, you’re amazing. In addition to the above, I’m giving you access to Idearrhea, the grossly-named document where I keep track of way too many potential plots and character...

Patron Saint of Rich Larson's Fiction

$500 /mo
Get out of here.

No. Wait. Please come back and never leave. In addition to everything else, at the end of the calendar year you get to pick out any five (5) books or magazines that my wor...