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Welcome To My Patreon Page

Patreon is a subscription-based platform that enables creatives to be compensated for their work.  While I’ll continue doing music supervision for film and TV, thoroughly enjoying that work, the launching of this Patreon adventure gives me a place for my most personal expressions. Patreon offers me an opportunity to realize a lifetime of creative goals and build a community around them.

I’ve been immersed in music and in the music industry for over forty years. During that time, I played gigs, had radio shows, worked in record retail, published articles in magazines, and released three editions of a book on recording and producing music. I’ve written liner notes for album releases, compiled re-issues and collections, music-supervised feature films and TV shows, produced bands and artists in the studio, and shot photographs for magazines, albums and gallery shows. Somewhere in there, I also created a load of original music and songs.

Saying “Yes”

Over all those years, the one constant that moved me from one opportunity to another was saying “yes” when I felt I could meaningfully make a positive difference. There were times when the task was daunting and I questioned whether I could deliver. That said, when I worked through my feelings and challenged my skill sets, I was thankful I followed the lead of…”Yes!”

Many years passed as I kept the lights on using my skills working in the service of others’ projects, while my own creative work was sitting on the shelf. It wasn’t until a few years back that I seriously returned to creating music and began music supervising for the AMC episodic western, Hell On Wheels. I realized I had skills to offer an already great show by creating and producing specific music for various scenes. After Hell On Wheels, I was asked to music supervise and create additional music for the AMC/Sundance drama Hap and Leonard.

I deeply appreciate the support of the producers and show composers and their belief in me. Beyond the job of finding the most appropriate music by other artists and placing those tracks into the shows, they asked me to create everything from straight rock, gospel, R&B and blues to Irish and Chinese music, complete with Cantonese lyrics. Every time they asked me, I said “yes.” Thankfully, they kept asking for more.

I recorded all of this supplemental music with world-class players and engineers, and in great studios, particularly Blackbird Recording in Nashville. While I was producing these sessions for the shows, I realized I had a lifetime of music and a load of life behind me that needed to be expressed, so I began developing and creating my own music on my own terms. It was time to say “yes” to my heart.

Stylistically, my “sound” pulls from a number of genres that inform me, like rock, country, jazz, folk, blues, gospel and R&B, filtered through the cultural lens of where I was born and raised, the American South, specifically Memphis and the Delta. What you’ll hear is my own smash of all those genres with an additional tip of the hat to rock and folk from the UK and anything else that has touched me over the years. My music is organic and performance-oriented and allows great musicians to shine. All I care about is opening my heart to this journey and offering music and other creative expressions that feel authentic and alive.

Game Plan

Beginning in August, I will release already finished material. Over the next few months, as my Patreon community grows, I’ll be able to continue with the next round of sessions.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this work. To join my Patreon community, click on the BECOME A PATRON button. You can pledge a dollar a month or any monthly amount you choose. Any amount from a dollar up is welcome. Recording this music is an expensive undertaking, and I appreciate your support of me and my work. Subscribers in my music community will have access to my music with at least one, and sometimes two songs every other month. Additionally, my Patreon subscribers will have access to all postings, including photos of sessions, interviews and more, once or twice a month.

This is an act of faith on my part. I sincerely believe those of you joining my community by saying “yes” will resonate with what I have to offer. I look forward to having you on board as part of my community of patrons.

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