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  • Ableton Live 9 Project (complete drum rack playable on any midi controller or even on your computer keyboard!)
  • WAV Samples (if you wanna use my sounds on any other software or even iPad, iPhones etc.)
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  • A free monthly Google Hangout with me and the $50+ Patrons. I'll answer your questions, i'll give you some tips on music production, we'll chat pretty much about anything you want!
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  • Everything from previous packages PLUS:
  • A one-hour private Skype session every month! Just you and me! We could talk about your music, inspirations, goals, or anything you want! You could even take advantage of this sessions to get monthly private lessons on finger drumming techniques, or drum racks advanced programming, or music production!
  • As a way to say a big thanks for being so generous, if I'll ever play a show in a location close to where you live, I'll make sure we hangout for a beer and spend some time together!




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Rick Who?!

Please take a second to watch the video above and visit my channel!
Done? Right then... now you can


I try my best on designing fresh soundpacks for your finger-drumming pleasure!
What is a soundpack? A soundpack is a pack of 16 or more audio samples specifically designed to work well together and ready to be used in many ways (live performance, live remixing or just finger-drumming fun!). In other terms you could say a soundpack is almost like a song in which all the instruments have been separated, and you get to re-arrange them your own way! Each soundpack will be released in many formats so that EVERYONE CAN USE THEM, so don't worry, if you don't have a midi controller you can still play my soundpacks on your iPad or your iPhone... or even on your computer keyboard!
Of course creating these soundpacks requires an incredible amount of time and efforts that anyone can't afford on his own, unless he's doing it on a professional level.
If you like my work and have fun playing my stuff, and if you’d like me to keep on making it, please consider giving me a dollar (or however much you like) for each soundpack that I make! Any money you'll pledge will give straight support to me and my work, letting me to spend my time doing what I really love to do: making music and designing soundpacks for you guys!
I will be releasing a series of originals, remixes, and mashups as Rick Fresco or BAD iDEA (my duo project), as well as video tutorials and some other cool stuff. However your donations will only be claimed on my soundpacks, the ones I know you truly love! I'll be uploading a couple of soundpacks per month, sometimes more, sometimes less. Don't worry though! If you're concerned about going over your budget, there's an easy way to set a monthly maximum for yourself when you're entering your payment info, so that you never donate more than you can afford!

What you get:

If you sign up to be a Patron, you'll get plenty of cool rewards! Access to my Patron only stream, high quality downloads, awesome soundpacks to jam with, helpful video tutorials and much more! It all depends on how big your heart is and how generous your donations are! Please check out all the rewards below!

What you'll be supporting:

Music is all I've ever wanted to do and because of your support I'll be able to keep on doing it. Thank you so much for checking this out! Thanks to all of my supporters and to those who'll become my Patrons... I'll be forever grateful to you guys!

$135 of $500 per soundpack
When I hit $500, I'll finally buy a professional microphone to make my sounds even more awesome! Plus... I'll send an unreleased soundpack to anyone who helped me reach this goal!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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