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A Real Job
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We can take this as a sign that telling stories is a real job after all. I might actually be able to afford to own a car and real health insurance.
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Ad much as Google Adsense has been a help over the last few years, I don't like how they take away content control from my pages. If we reach $1800/month, I will remove Google Adsense and return to ONE curated adbox/page from Project Wonderful for all my sites.

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Hey there, this is Rick Griffin. You might know me from my webcomic, Housepets! What you might not know is that I am an aspiring writer as well, and have plans for many, many other stories too!

Let Me Tell You About Stories

As far back as I can remember I've always had a fascination with stories; I was to a degree story-starved. There seemed to be some kind of ethereal communication that was going on, that the right combination of words and ideas and places and colors and characters can inspire people to great things.

I have for a while now been developing a philosophy of storytelling: If I say stories are important, some may take it to mean stories are supposed to be stuffy. If I say stories are meant to be fun, some might take it to mean stories are supposed to be frivolous. 

But stories are both these things and everything inbetween; the entire range of human experience should be cataloged--triumph and terror, love and hate, inspiration and horror, everything from the cosmic to the personal--life scales in all directions.

This is my journey. It is also yours.

Stop Pretending You're Profound And Tell Me What This Means

This platform is for my creative storytelling works--Housepets, primarily, as well as short stories, serialized novels, and longform comics (Which I am building a site for!) I hope to build my skills and tell stories that are engaging and meaningful.

The above section was mainly meant to show that my interest in stories is not limited to the silly and comedic--many of my settings can be dark and oppressive, and wrestle with uncomfortable--even caustic ideas. I do believe all these things have a purpose; I'm not nihilistic by any stretch of the imagination, but if you are uncomfortable with the terrible standing alongside the weird and irreverent, then follow and purchase your stories of preference individually.

So What's The Deal?

I am not financially independent. I understand that it is difficult to make a living as an artist, but I would not have it any other way. It would really help if I can get my insurance and student loan bills knocked out, however, as well as be able to afford rent on my own.

In addition, my lack of funds makes it difficult to increase my range of production for additional Housepets merchandise I know people would enjoy--better (and cheaper!) t-shirts, character plushes, prints of ANY comic you wish, offset print editions of the books--all these things take capital, not to mention time, which more financial independence helps create.

Plus, I will admit, I very much want to continue my education in storytelling.

Housepets will continue on as it does, 3 days per week--for the foreseeable future, most of my effort still is reserved for Housepets. Next year, after I've built a site for all my projects, I will strive to add new, finished material every 1 to 2 weeks, in the form of new comic pages or prose chapters (sometimes illustrated!). This will include things like A&H Club, as well as Snakes Conquer Earth, In the New Age, Dogmen, and other stories as they develop.

How Patreon Works

Patreon is a platform that will allow you to ongoing-ly support my ongoing work in bringing stories to you. When you pledge, I receive an amount you specify at the end of every month. At any time, you may change or cancel your pledge if you wish.

In addition to supporting me, you also gain access to exclusive backer rewards--the details of which I am still hammering out!
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