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Hello Sweets
This is your basic introduction to Healthy Lifestyles: 
Monthly tips on supplements & why they are needed
A New Healthy & Tasty recipe every month inspired by my lifelong love of cooking, eating and sharing my heart and food.
We'll open your mind & "pepper" & spice-up your life!
Questions welcomed.


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Welcome! Glad you are here!  This Tier is dedicated to helping women and children through education, service, advocacy and training in all areas of life, through on-going contributions to The Zonta Club of Houston**, as part of Zonta International. A portion of your monthly membership will go to support this mission. Thank you for your generous contributions. (please see our mission statement below)        EVERY MONTH YOU WILL:
  • Get Tips for cooking, buying & storing fresh foods 
  • Healthful recipes You can use
  • Resources for spices & organic foods 
  • **A (One Time) copy of my EBook:  "Yes you CAN EAT WELL and EAT RIGHT " -  Bring back the "Joys of Cooking"  in your kitchen, A Guide to S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g Your Organic Food Dollars.  
  • Ask questions and Get Answers from Mchealthy.
** Zonta Club of Houston is part of Zonta International, a leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide through service & advocacy. We train women for entering business opportunities, provide scholarships and help with their families on special occasions throughout the year.


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  •  Women 40+ CEOs & Go-Getters - Get SUPPORT, EDUCATION & ACCOUNTABILITY with a 21+ year veteran Life Coach and Certified Nutritionist - who will guide you to Think Bravely Act Boldy and Claim your better life.  
  • Take Control of Your Health & Life NOW!       
  • When you Believe in YOURSELF you can do ANYTHING your heart desires...     
  • Your Health, Mental, Physical and Emotional affects your total way of life!
With Mastermind - it's Food for Thought and More             Gain self-Confidence 
      Feel Healthier and Empowered                                       Take Action toward your goals
     Have Radiant Health & a More                                  Rewarding Life!  
  • Thursdays* @ 6PM Central for 60 minutes of 
  • *More days and times added as needed



About Coach/Chef Ricki 'Mchealthy' McKenna

FOOD connects us. Ricki "mchealthy" McKenna connects with people, food and fun and philanthropy.
No more diets; join me in a Mastermind Lifestyles Program, (Tier 3)  for living well and lasting health.Serving You with Food for Thought and your gut. Pay it forward* with Zonta Club of Houston; "helping women through education and advocacy." (Tier 2)

Since we all have to eat, I want You to enjoy eating and not fear certain foods. With 20+ years of serving clients and friends as a Certified Life/Health Coach, Chef and Nutritionist, I'm sharing ideas, suggestions for storing and preparing foods, how to prevent pain, reduce and reverse dis-ease with food, "food myths", foods to enjoy or avoid, and how when we eat is as important as what we eat. - and we'll have fun doing it. (All Tiers)

Check in to the "PAN-TUITIVE Cooking" shows on Zoom,
Schedules and recipes posted here, on Facebook/Ricki.Mckenna or Choose Health Solutions, for easy recipes and party ideas.  Look for transcripts of the podcasts on   Get the schedule for each month's classes here and on my Website:   Twitter: Rickimcfoodie   LinkedIn: Ricki McKenna CN 

I treasure your feedback:  Contact me with any questions, comments or concerns at      [email protected]
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I anticipate 100+ wonderfully engaged and interacting patrons who want to have fun while learning new skills, ideas and tricks they use in everyday life. I have a weekly zoom class now that includes and inspires them and me to keep coming back for more. I will hire a virtual assistant to partner with me and create even more great programming to help bring more to the community and a world that works for everyone.
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