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My 10 track Album of exclusive Remixes and Mashups no-one has heard.




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About rickyBE

My music production journey began when Cd's were replaced by downloads. No more EP's, no more big remix packs with every single. So I began to make my own to fill that gap the industry no longer gave me. Whether its that new big hit that you wished had a dance remix or that old classic that you have always loved that now has a different feel, an alternative to enjoy.
 Now over 10 years down the line and still passionate as ever. The core has always been disco house but genres including RnB, Hip Hop, Electronica, Funk to name but a few. 

I have now reached a cross roads where I would like to continue with my own solo work which requires extra equipment and software. This is the reason I have joined Patreon. 

I live and breathe music. If it was not for my passion I would have given up a long time ago.  It has always been made on a non-profit basis. Copyright holders on youtube often monitise my videos so that revenue from Ads can go to the Artist which is great. Sometimes the copyright holders do not want me to share their content and the video is taken down.  If you do decide to donate, as a thank you I have created a Takedown Album of all those tracks no-one has been able to hear. 

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