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Hey, there Patreon users! I'm Andrew and this is my first foray onto Patreon. I'll do another page with my music but this will be home to my riffvlog... Are you feeling a little bit left out when it comes to society and your/our place within it? I bet you just might be! You might be a high school dropout or a college dropout, or perhaps you dropped out of university? Maybe you're a billionaire who wants to drop out as you've found the vacuous and banal pursuit of profit unbecoming and shouldn't be the sole measure of what it means to be human? Perhaps you've dropped out of society now or have in the past, and are living off-the-grid or in a van, or on a boat? Ultimately, no matter what brings you here you feel like I do: that you really have no say within the society you live in and that overall your opinions, thoughts, and daily doings are dismissed and not counted as valuable or worthy within the culture you live in. Politically that would mean you're not represented in any authentic way and economically it means you're likely being screwed by the TPTB... 
Maybe that's just life in our corporate neoliberal oligarchy but maybe if we unite we could possibly alter the current destructive and alienating situation we find ourselves in. Maybe it's all for not but if there is nothing ventured there is nothing gained! 
It's quite likely that any presence you have online is less than stellar and perhaps this could be a place where we help each other out in that regard as much as it's possible...

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