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About Rigging Doctor

Maddie and I have been living on our sailboat for a few years as we rebuilt her in preparation for cruising. On July 5, 2017, we untied our dock lines and headed out to sea where we are traveling the Atlantic.
Your contributions go directly into funding this adventure, allowing us to bring stories of sailing the ocean to you. 
Traveling by sail is a time consuming process that wears on the boat. The boat then requires maintenance to keep going, and this maintenance is an expense. Since we are away from work for long periods of time, your contributions will help us directly by allowing us to focus less on working odd jobs and more on bringing you stories.

As a Patron, you will receive access to our episodes a full week before it goes public on YouTube, as well as quick updates on what is going on in real time (when we have internet access).
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We want to upgrade our camera equipment! 
Reaching this goal will let us replace our old GoPro with a mirror less digital camera and a proper microphone that will kill all that horrible wind noise we have been plagued with. 
With this upgraded equipment, the quality of our videos will drastically improve!
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