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About S E Case

Cheap Thrills: Four friends navigate young adulthood in an unpredictable world. The oldest of my comic projects, Cheap Thrills began in 2007 and was abandoned in 2012. This comic resonated with a lot of people, and I am currently working on compiling the third and fourth chapters and artwork into a pdf book, and completing the 4th chapter and giving this story some closure. Subscribers at the $2 level will be able to see previews of new Ch. 4 pages, and subscribers at the $5 level will be able to view CT-related side comics and sketches in the Sketch Blog. Subscribers at the $3 level will get to read a new ch. 4 page every week on Thursday. An archive of all chapter 4 pages that have been posted to Patreon can be found here.

The archives of this project are here: http://cheapthrills.xepher.net. Some pages are missing at the beginning, but I don't really care because they are very bad (EDIT: they are all there now). I suggest you start here: http://cheapthrills.xepher.net/comics/comic149.html

Rigsby WI: A Cheap Thrills reboot of sorts, Rigsby WI follows a group of not-very-cool teenagers/young adults growing up in Rural Wisconsin. Rigsby WI is a free, long-form webcomic and my main comic project. Subscribers at the $2 level will be able to see previews of new pages, at the $3 level you will be able to read a month's worth of pages on the first of each month, BEFORE they are posted publicly, and at the $5 level you will be able to view RWI side comics and sketches in the Sketch Blog.

The comic's website can be found here: rigsbywi.com

Good Dogs: A botched attempt at blackmailing a local politician leaves three dogs on the run. This is still in development, but I may post progress sketches or test comics at the $2 level.

MYSTERY PROJECTS: Sometimes I do comic/illustration projects for other people. If I have the go-ahead to share them, I will post previews/pages for ALL patrons to view, at the $1 level and up.

Why support this?
I have a full time day job and freelance part time. The more income I can generate through my comic projects, the less I will need to freelance and the more time I can dedicate to these projects! 

If you choose to subscribe, you will get access to tons of extra content, plus you can see pages long before they are published publicly. New pages of Cheap Thrills are currently available ONLY through Patreon.

Adult Content warning: Pages/illustrations occasionally contain some nudity, swearing or slurs, drug/alcohol use, suicidal themes and mild horror/gore imagery. Nothing major but I don't want to upset anyone by not flagging it.
65% complete
If this goal is reached, Rigsby, WI will update THREE times a week!
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