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About Riin Gill

Hi there. I'm Riin (it rhymes with green). I make jewelry from mixed metals, gems, found objects, and fiber. And I spin yarn. I sell my jewelry and handspun yarn in my shop here.

I'm also a spoonie, which is a shorthand way of saying I have invisible disabilities (if you're not familiar with Spoon Theory...), in my case, depression, anxiety, migraine, anemia, asthma, GERD, IBS, ulnar tunnel syndrome, and I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

I'm exhausted all of the time, and I ache all over all of the time. I have severe pain in my left arm, back, and neck. I have good days and bad days, and I work when I can, but it's getting harder and harder to work more than 2 hours/day. I'm not making enough money to live on, despite being painfully frugal.

My doctor who just diagnosed me with fibromyalgia thinks we get the pain dialed back enough so I can work more. It's going to take a while though. And I don't have enough money to hold out for very long.

Could you help me out so I don't have to go live under a bridge?

Please support me here through my Patreon!

Also, please share this page with your friends!

And if you're looking for handmade jewelry or handspun yarn (they both make great gifts), please make a purchase from my etsy shop

Thank you!

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This amount will allow me to buy some more ergonomic tools so working doesn't cause me more pain.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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